Degustabox July 2016

Anyone who has had a baby will know how food shopping goes by the wayside. Most of the time in the supermarket is spent ensuring that our daughter is safe in her seat and that we are getting the essentials on our list. Quite often we come home from the supermarket and I remark to my husband how we never buy anything ‘nice’. What I mean is I’m so fixated on what we need for meals, and general cleaning and household products, that I never seem to have time to browse for goodies; sweets, chocolates, nice drinks etc. At this time of year I am really noticing the difference!

We have been fortunate enough to receive the Degustabox July 2016 box! This is a surprise subscription box and this month there is no theme. I’m going to insert a read more tag below so if you don’t want to see any spoilers then don’t click!

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Daisy is four months old!

Here we are again! Every month when I write one of these posts I cannot believe that another month has passed by! Daisy has changed so much in the past month, possibly more than any other month so far. She has become super alert and it feels sometimes like she understands everything we are saying and doing. She has begun to watch us eating food and she is starting to be less wobbly and more like a small person! I would love to bottle up some of these moments where she is still tiny, and dependent on us, but at the same time I love watching her grow and flourish into her own little personality.

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