Babease Review – Food for babies NOT baby food

My beautiful daughter Daisy has a few allergies. So far we have it confirmed that she is allergic to cows milk protein (dairy), soya and now possibly beef. It is a little bit of a minefield negotiating her mealtimes and when we are in a hurry I am finding it quite difficult to have healthy meals that are suitable for her, don’t contain lots of rubbish & are convenient to take out with us. We recently spoke to the lovely people at Babease. They were kind enough to send us out a lovely stash of goodies for Daisy to enjoy. This is our Babease review.

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Water Babies swimwear review

Daisy and I have been attending Water Babies swimming lessons – and loving them! Recently we were offered the chance to review some items from the Water Babies swimwear range.

Daisy has been absolutely loving her Water Babies swimming lessons in Harlow. We have been really enjoying the classes, so far, and I feel that Daisy is already benefiting from the lessons. She is nice and confident in the swimming pool and when on holiday she was really happy to spend more than two hours in the pirate playground water park – mostly because of her Water Babies swimwear I think!

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Lavish Lockets Review

As my regular readers will be aware I recently had my first child, a daughter. My little girl, Daisy, has changed my world and as such I wanted a keepsake that was going to remind me of her even if I wasn’t with her.

After speaking with the lovely people at Lavish Lockets I was offered the chance to review two necklaces for them.

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