Aims for May 2016 – the results!

Well May seems to have flown by unbelievably fast! This is possibly because I didn’t post my aims until 1/3 of the month had passed. Today I’m talking about my¬†Aims for May 2016 – the results!

This month I wanted to take things a little easier and I definitely have. I’ve enjoyed some lunches out and lots of leisure time with friends and family. My daughter is starting to interact more and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying spending time with her as well!

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Creating an office space at home

My regular readers will already be aware that I work from home full-time. My husband and I are a little pushed for space, especially with a new baby too! I am a strong believer that where you work can have a huge impact on your motivation. I personally find that being on the sofa makes me less productive than sitting in a higher backed comfortable chair. Today I am going to share my tips for creating an office space at home with you.

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Daisy is two months old

I cannot believe where the time has gone! Our beautiful daughter Daisy is two months old. The last month has been quite eventful, with lots of health related appointments. Daisy is growing more and more every day and we are settling into being new parents really well. We’ve got a clean home (mostly!), have made time for one another and we have even been down our allotment a few times to do some digging, planting and general maintenance!

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