My #SagaSpendingDiary

Recently I was contacted by the lovely people at SagaUK. To celebrate their Equity Release branch they are giving me the means to keep a spending diary for the next 2 weeks.

Typically I am quite good at meal planning. I have wrote posts previously on meal planning with mince, how to make a roast chicken go further and meal planning tips. I love nothing more than sitting down, looking through my two freezers and making up a meal plan. I am great at cutting down on waste but there is always more that could be done and more motivation that I could have!

Thanks to Saga I received some lovely goodies to help me with my spending diary.

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Obtaining a loan when you have bad credit

There are times in life when you may find that your finances are a little stretched. A bill has come along unexpectedly, you need some money to repair your car or perhaps you need to fix your leaking roof. At times like this a loan could be the answer for you. A loan can be a great way to receive a guaranteed sum of money, in a short time. It also allows you to have a fixed monthly repayment amount. Having a fixed monthly payment will help you know your finances in the long term and hopefully prevent you getting into financial difficulty in the future.

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Daisy is three months old

Well another month has passed by and Daisy is now three months old. Time is moving so fast and we are trying hard to enjoy every minute, even the tiring ones. The last month has been filled with little changes in Daisy and lots and lots of health related appointments, again. We seem to be spending a lot of time chasing GPs and hospital consultants, however we have finally made a breakthrough!

Life seems to be running well for us. Daisy is not sleeping as good as she was, however we understand this is just temporary and have been getting through together. We’ve made time for each other and even went on a date night to the cinema. We have kept on top of our allotment and got lots of new planting done too which is fantastic.

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