Our 2018 Bucket List – Hoping for a fun year again this year!

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2016 was a rough year for us, so I decided to work to ensure that 2017 was better. It paid off and we have had a lovely year! We created a 2017 bucket list and it was our first ever bucket list together. Someone sent me a rude message last year, to let me know that the term ‘bucket list’ should only be used by people on their deathbed. I deleted it, as I’ve no time for negativity, or being told what to do and decided to start writing one every year. Anyone of us could die at any time, and life is too short to spend all of your time thinking ‘one day’ to things that you want to do. By creating our 2018 bucket list we are going to have lots of fun activities to look forward to. Anyway, here is a look at our 2018 bucket list!

Our 2018 bucket list - take a look at what we want to enjoy as a family in 2018. Bucket list ideas, holiday ideas, makes and bakes

Our 2018 bucket list

I’m sure that most items on our 2018 bucket list are self-explanatory. I’m going to explain a few items on our 2018 bucket list anyway!

Enjoy a boat ride – Hoping to do this on holiday for my 30th in April.

Go abroad – We’ve already got one plan for a wedding but hoping for a family holiday too.

Attend a flower show – Hoping to get to the Chelsea Flower Show! This may tie in with Thomas’ Birthday and a day out with our in-laws if they fancy it!

Bake cookies with Daisy – Hoping to do this when Daisy is a little bit older, maybe in 6 months time. I love to bake and I want to pass that love on to Daisy too.

Take monthly family photos – We never get any nice photographs of just the three of us. Well, hardly ever. I want us to make a conscious effort to do this now! I’m even setting a reminder.

Save £5,000 extra – We already have some savings goals and a lovely amount of savings for when we buy our house. However, we have decided to push a little harder next year and save £5,000 extra. This will be going into premium bonds in Thomas’ name. I’ve already got the maximum in my name, and we have savings together, but always looking to save more money!

Teach Daisy the alphabet – Daisy can already count past 10 and I’m hoping she can learn the alphabet too!

Now you’ve read our 2018 bucket list if you fancy it why not have a nosy at last year.

Our 2017 bucket list

The first update

Another update

The final update

I look forward to updating you through the year on how we are doing with our 2018 bucket list.

5 Responses

  1. Money Tree Man January 7, 2018 / 8:20 am

    Top bucket list, Katy!
    I love how there is a mix of wildly outrageous with a dash of ‘tour les jours’. I think the little things are the easiest to miss, but having them in a list will hold you to them better!

    Wishing you all the best for 2018!!!

  2. Alison January 7, 2018 / 4:28 pm

    This is a good bucket list! Lots of fun ideas on there too. Ignore the negative comments, bucket lists are just a list of things you want to do, doesn’t matter when!

  3. Suzanne Cox March 11, 2018 / 8:28 am

    The fact that you’ve written 2018 bucket list, obviously makes changes the meanings. Love your ideas. I want to do the same thing myself, as saving is my massive first priority at the mnoment, probably need to keep it small and start entering some competitions.

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