How to boost Twitter traffic – I boosted mine by 191%!

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I’ve been blogging for around 3 years now, but taking it seriously for 1 year. In the last year I’ve more than doubled my traffic and I’ve made a number of changes to improve my website. This year I have been working on learning how to boost Twitter traffic and I want to share my top tips with you. This is how I boosted my Twitter traffic, to my blog, by 191% in just a few months. That’s right – actual visitors to my blog from Twitter increased by 191%. All while putting in LESS time.

How to boost Twitter traffic

How to boost Twitter traffic – my top tips

Engage with people. A lot of people schedule their content and then don’t engage with people. This is going to negatively affect your Twitter impressions which in turn means less eyes on your content.

Use hashtags where appropriate. Typically I use #money or #parenting depending on the topic. I don’t use hashtags in all my tweets but from time to time I’ll look at what is trending. Then I will have a conversation or express my opinion on that hashtag. This can help you boost Twitter traffic and in turn get more clickthroughs to your blog.

Retweet content where you are mentioned. If someone has taken the time to mention you, or your blog content, then give it a retweet. Your followers obviously already like you so they’ll presumably be interested in these tweets too.

Schedule content. I like to use Social Oomph and I pay for the Twitter Unlimited package. If you click that link you can get a free trial. I LOVE Social Oomph as it allows me to set up dedicated reservoirs with tweets in. There are a TON of options and I personally have my main tweet reservoir set up to tweet between 10 minutes and 4 hours, at random, and only during the hours I am awake and usually online. This means if someone sees a tweet, and they reply or retweet that I can engage with them quickly. Also, when working with brands I can schedule content to go out on a set day or at a set time, and repeat at a specific time increment for X number of tweets. If you don’t want to pay then there is a free program, with restrictions. What I would say though is that I spend $15 a month and for that I spend just 10 minutes a month scheduling my tweets. I have 350+ tweets that go out on a regular basis and I can add to them as I publish new content.

Don’t churn out the same tweets over and over. Now I realise I’ve just mentioned scheduling but don’t churn out the same tweets constantly. I’ve got over 350 tweets just in one reservoir and I’m adding to that frequently. Also, I log in once a month for 5 minutes and change the wording for some of the tweets. This avoids them being repetitive and means my followers may be tempted in to another click through.

Keep it current. Pretty much no-one wants to go on Twitter and see Valentine’s Day gift guides in October or Halloween costumes in March. If you use Social Oomph you can make reservoirs just for Christmas etc that you can turn off once it is over. In just a few seconds.

I have gained around 3,500 more followers in the time I have been using a Twitter scheduler. This has been a great increase and people are seeing my account in the ‘people to follow’ area. I’m really pleased with how my Twitter has grown. I have been able to automate the sharing of my blog posts which is great. This frees me up to engage with people, enjoy Twitter and socialise more. Which after all is what social media is meant for!

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How to boost Twitter traffic - I boosted my Twitter clickthroughs to my blog by 191%. Blogging tips, Twitter traffic

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  1. Becky O'Haire February 6, 2018 / 7:56 am

    Wow that’s a huge increase! I have dabbled with social oomph but haven’t gone for the paid version, sounds like it’s well worth it! Thanks for the tips x

    • katykicker February 7, 2018 / 6:53 pm

      You’re so welcome. Thanks for the comment and sharing too – much appreciated! x

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