Review: BRIO Cargo Railway Deluxe Set (33097) (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. We adore BRIO. I’ve said this so many times in my review. I love that the pieces are mostly wooden, well made and basically childproof! We have been fortunate enough to review a lot of BRIO toys in the last 2 years or so. Daisy has a great selection and when she outgrows something we are able to gift it on to a loved one, as it’s still in fantastic condition. Today we’ve got the BRIO Cargo Railway Deluxe Set to test out. I’m going to tell you lots about what you get in the box, share some pictures with you AND even a video too! Lucky you!

All of the pieces for the BRIO Cargo Railway Deluxe Set

BRIO Cargo Railway Deluxe Set

The BRIO Cargo Railway Deluxe Set comes with 54 pieces. Wowser! You receive 30 pieces of track, 6 vehicles, cranes (including a rolling crane) and much more. There is so much in this set, including 7 supports to make higher sections for your train to drive along. Also, with the addition of 1 x AA battery (not included) you can have a motorised train!

This BRIO Cargo Railway Deluxe Set is SO easy to set up. All of the pieces slot together with ease and it looks absolutely fantastic. Also, as it is wooden it is really strong and sturdy.

BRIO Cargo Railway Deluxe Set bridge

I love how BRIO toys are made with FSC certified wood. They feel fantastic quality, and they are really long-lasting. Daisy has been playing with BRIO toys for around 2 years and hasn’t managed to lose or break a single piece.

BRIO Cargo Railway Deluxe Set rolling crane

I love the real world feel of this set. It is a fantastic freight and cargo set and is ideal for children aged 3+. We have had so much fun already playing with this in the last week or so. Daisy wants to play with it all day and I’ve left it set up for whole days at a time without her destroying it. Which is a sure sign that she loves it. My favourite part has to be the rolling cranes. I also love how you can move the freight around with the cranes, onto the back of the train. This adds so more fun than just driving trains around. The bridge is super fun and Daisy spends lots of her time driving the train around this particular piece of track.

BRIO Cargo Railway Deluxe Set supports

I love that the BRIO Cargo Railway Deluxe Set has magnetic trains. This makes it really simple for Daisy to click the freight train together, without any frustration. For me, this is one of the best features of all BRIO trains. Also, it means that you can combine multiple sets, which we will probably do nearer to Christmas time when we want a mammoth day of playing trains.

As you can see our flooring has probably seen better days – after several years of us playing toys on it constantly! I would love to get some new flooring soon but as we are moving in just a few months I’ll hold off for now!

Where to buy the BRIO Cargo Railway Deluxe Set

The BRIO Cargo Railway Deluxe Set retails for £114.99. You can buy it from the BRIO website. I love BRIO products, as they are well made, fantastic quality and last for ages. This is one of our favourites so far. The freight element is fantastic and I love that you can use a crane to move items around. There is so many fun elements to this set.

I love that the BRIO Cargo Railway Deluxe Set comes in its own box. This makes it super convenient to pack away and it is stackable too. I love that it only needs 1 AA battery to power the train, which feels much less wasteful than other toys.


*Brio Cargo Railway Deluxe Set

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  1. JANET HAWKINS November 4, 2018 / 5:54 pm

    Yes it is a well made toy, should last daisy years.

    • katykicker November 10, 2018 / 7:33 pm

      You’re right! She’s really lucky to have such a lovely train set x

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