My £100 grocery challenge results

Firstly, this post is VERY VERY late! I had it drafted but it turns out I forgot about it completely for more than a month. I’m going to reiterate, once again, that we didn’t run this challenge in October because we can’t afford food. We are fortunate that money isn’t tight these days. However, despite this I think that it is good to have an overhaul from time to time. Having a month where I really had to think about saving money, and cutting back, sees us in good stead for the months ahead. Anyway, here are =my £100 grocery challenge results!

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Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week

This week I’m taking part in a new linky for the first time. I don’t remember ever taking part in a linky before but this one really caught my eye. I love making sure that I am being frugal as much as possible, without sacrificing having a nice life. This linky is sharing all of those fabulously frugal things that you do throughout the week. Some of them might be small but they soon add up! These are the Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week…

  • Made a stuffed crust pizza. This was delicious, cheap and it kept us away from the takeaway. I topped it with chicken breast, peppers, spring onions and too much cheese. The dough rose spectacularly and the crust was HUGE! I made this using my Panasonic SD2501 bread maker which I absolutely love. This saved a small fortune compared to the takeaway that I really wanted!

Five Fabulously Frugal Things I've Done - 16th December - Homemade pizza!

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Black Friday 2016 savings at Voucheroo

*This is a collaborative post*. Well I can’t let Black Friday 2016 pass by without mentioning it can I! This year I’m not really in need of much to be honest. Instead of browsing online at midnight I’ll be in bed early tonight. Tomorrow I will be spending the day out with my lovely family in Cambridge. We are going to the opening of a new toy store. I am just a little bit excited about this – but not as much as Daisy will be when we arrive!

I’m sure along the way I will buy a few nice little stocking fillers for my husband. Maybe even a few treats for my cats like I do every year! One year they got a lovely cat tower, another year a job lot of treats that lasted us for months.

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How to prepare salads in advance

I am a real fan of meal planning. Like a lot of busy parents I love anything that can help me to achieve my goals. I want to be able to have lots of time with my family in the evenings. I also don’t want to be spending hours everyday working on homemade meals, preparing lunches and cleaning. My aim is to try to ensure that I am maximising my time wherever possible. One way that I work on achieving this is by meal planning and batch cooking. When I learned how to prepare salads in advance it was fantastic. I’ve been able to cut down on time spent washing vegetables, cleaning my kitchen sides and packaging food. While the time saved per week is only mere minutes it soon adds up.

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How to pick a perfect washing machine

*Collaborative post*

My husband and I have lived together for more than 6 years now. In that time we have already had 3, yes 3, washing machines! We’ve had the cheapest possible one you could buy and a mid priced one that I thought looked a bit pretty. Now we have a fairly middle of the road one in terms of price and it has been fantastic. Learning how to pick a perfect washing machine can feel like almost as much of a chore as using the washing machine.

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