Cash boost available this month with matched betting

Well it is that time of the month. Funds are beginning to get a little tight. Perhaps you have had your credit card statement come in. I remember that feeling well. Once upon a time I would dread January! That has all changed for me now! I’ve got lots of ways that I can get a little cash boost. I like to keep my income quite diverse these days. I still complete surveys, and make money, but I have lots of other ways that I make money too. I’m actually running a moneymaking bootcamp over on The Money Shed for the whole of this month if you fancy a nosy! Anyway, back to this months ideal cash boost… matched betting!

Get a cash boost by matched betting

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The Money Shed money making bootcamp

So you know that I like making money, right?! Of course you do! Making money is why I started my website in the first place. I love to share my monthly aims with my readers and hold myself accountable. Also, I’m a big fan of sharing my knowledge. I like to write about websites that I use, talk about how I make my money and help people too. This month I’m hosting a money making bootcamp over on The Money Shed blog. I’m really looking forward to helping people and with the tips that I’ll be sharing I hope it will be possible for people to make £1,000+ a month online!

The Money Shed moneymaking bootcamp

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My absolute favourite ways to make money online

I quit my job in 2013 to work for myself full-time, as my regular readers will know. I’m really proud that I have created a job that I can do, at home, working for myself. I’ve always wanted to be self-employed and now I am really am living my dream! I am earning a full-time income and have been able to have some wonderful holidays, and other treats, for my family over the last year in particular using the money that I have earned. I’m also debt free – which is a wonderful feeling, and feel the most financial aware that I have ever been. I love being able to make money online!

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time, or a lot of energy to dedicate, there are still some fantastic ways that you can make money online.

My absolute favourite ways to make money online

Matched betting – Play the bookies at their own game and make yourself a guaranteed profit. I even made £15,000 in just 4 months! I once had a single day where I made £7,906.12 – there is screenshot proof too!

Paid surveys – I love getting paid for giving my opinion. I even wrote a Survey Bible over on The Money Shed.

Mystery Shopping – Get paid to eat lunch – who doesn’t love free food?!

You can also look at money saving as another fantastic way to increase your family budget. You can save money on your shopping, sell off those old gift cards and much more. I’m a big fan of meal planning, batch cooking and using my slow cooker to save money and time. Nothing beats avoiding the takeaway again with a nice dinner that you prepared first thing in the morning when you had the motivation!

You can read my ultimate list of ways to make money online for more inspiration!

If you’re looking for ways to make and save money online then I’ve got a ton. I’ve also got a load of ways that you can save money offline too – but the internet is my life! I love it. Nothing beats being able to stay home with my beautiful nine month old daughter, everyday, and make money in the process. You can find the full list of my favourite ways to make money online if you want some more inspiration!

Swagbucks – 4x cashback special offer

*This is a collaborative post* My regular readers will know that I am a big fan of Swagbucks. Over the years I’ve received £100s of gift cards thanks to their points program. I have referred lots of other people to Swagbucks who regularly earn cashback on their shopping and points for completing special offers. This week, from Wednesday – Friday only, Swagbucks have a special offer where you can earn 4x the usual amount of cashback.

Swagbucks 4x cashback special offer

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Wicked Uncle Review – Lovely presents!

I am the proud Auntie to LOTS of nieces and nephews (more than 10!) and therefore Christmas is a busy time for me. I’m a lover of getting something a little different and I tend to check with parents before I buy presents. Recently I was speaking to my brother about what his boys wanted for Christmas and he was a little bit vague. I decided to use my own initiative and place an order to get a few more presents ticked off this Christmas. Thanks to Wicked Uncle sending me a gift voucher I have been able to order lots of lovely bits.

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