5 things I LOVE about Water Babies!

My daughter and I have been attending Water Babies for a few months now. It is fair to say that we are fans of the lessons. This is evident from looking at our Instagram feed or even watching this YouTube video of Daisy having her underwater photoshoot! Daisy has learned a lot already from Water Babies and we are into chapter 2 now. Today I want to share with you 5 things I LOVE about Water Babies!

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Daisy is nine months old – where does the time go?

Daisy is nine months old! Another month has passed by and I can hardly believe it. Christmas is almost here now and we are super excited. I’ve already stopped working for the month and this post was scheduled a few days ago. Christmas is going to be fantastic this year, hopefully. Just to be able to have time together, as my husband has some days off work, is lovely. I love this monthly recap of what Daisy has been up to! Continue reading

Our Water Babies photoshoot – a sneak peek!

Recently I wrote about how my daughter Daisy was beginning Chapter 1 of Water Babies. We have been loving the classes and Daisy has now started chapter 2. It is so wonderful to watch my daughter learning a new skill. She is able to hold her breath as she enters the water now and knows my voice command of ‘Daisy, ready, go!’. Now that Daisy has progressed to this level we were ready for our first Water Babies photoshoot!

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Daisy is eight months old – already!

So I say it every single month! Where has the time gone?! Another month has passed by and Daisy is eight months old! I can hardly believe the little character that she is becoming. We had two holidays, six weeks apart, and the difference in her was just amazing!

I love being able to write down all the milestones, and lovely things we’ve done, over the months. These posts inspire me to have another wonderful month appreciating my family and being grateful for my life.

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East Coast Nursery Walker / Jumper Review

Daisy is 7 months old already – I don’t know where the time has gone! For a while we have been using a Jumperoo but when we were offered the chance to review this East Coast Nursery Walker I jumped at the chance!

Daisy is really strong on her feet now and absolutely loves being able to move around. Obviously, as I work from home, I have moments where I need to reply to an email. Having the East Coast Nursery Walker is perfect as she can be safe, driving herself around the living room, while I cram in five minutes of work. Or even just a drink a cup of hot tea. Quite often the latter!

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