Review: BRIO My Home Town Camping Set (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. Daisy is a BIG fan of BRIO toys, as am I. They are long lasting, hard wearing, can mostly be washed in the shower if they get grubby and when Daisy outgrows them they are small enough to store for our next baby, or pass on to my nieces and nephews. We recently received the BRIO My Home Town Camping Set and it is absolutely adorable!

BRIO My Home Town Camping Set

As you can see the BRIO My Home Town Camping Set comes with 6 pieces. This sounds like not many, however, BRIO don’t have lots of unnecessary small pieces, which I love.

BRIO My Home Town Camping Set - The family laying down in their caravan

You receive a car, a caravan, a canoe, two people and a dog. What I love about this set is how it all slots together, just like the real thing would. You can lay down the two people, in the caravan, and there is room for the dog too. Also, you can stand the people up in the car, and they slot into place perfectly.

BRIO My Home Town Camping Set - All together

The caravan fits onto the back of the car, and Daisy has had so much fun towing this around our living room. She says phrases like “All aboard” and “let’s go on holiday!” which is absolutely adorable.

I love toys that help Daisy expand her imagination and this definitely helps with that. I love how sturdy it is, and there are no small parts to lose and no places for Daisy to trap her fingers or get stressed.

I love how BRIO toys are made with FSC certified wood. They feel fantastic quality, and they are really long-lasting. Daisy has been playing with BRIO toys for almost 2 years now, and hasn’t managed to lose or break a single piece.

BRIO My Home Town Camping Set - Towing the caravan

If I am being super critical I would have liked the canoe to be big enough for two people to stand in. However, it is really realistic as I don’t even know if a two-person canoe exists!

One of the best features of BRIO, for me, is that when Daisy lets an ice lolly melt in her toy box I am able to rinse the bulk of the toys in the shower, and leave them to dry on the windowsill! I’ve done this several times now and it hasn’t damaged them at all.

Where to buy the BRIO My Home Town Camping Set

The BRIO My Home Town Camping Set retails for £29.99. You can buy it from the BRIO website. I think this is a reasonable price for a high-quality sturdy set. I love Brio products, as they are well made, fantastic quality and last for ages. Daisy loves playing with BRIO toys and this set really has opened up her imagination more.


*Brio Camping Set

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