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I am always looking for new ways to maximise my income and I read about the Spare 5 app, for iOs and possibly other devices, over on The Money Shed website. This is a website that allows you to use your free time to complete tasks, in return for money.

The app is free to download, from the App store, and is very simple in appearance. The tasks are paid in dollars and cents. Payouts are made on a Friday, providing your balance was more than $1 for the preceding week.

Upon downloading the app I was invited to fill in a brief survey, with the link being sent to me via email. Once this was done I was free to begin using the app.

The app is very simple to use, just open it up and then pull down to refresh. If there are no tasks available it will state ‘Coffee break! Other works have grabbed all of these tasks. Pull to refresh to see if tasks have become available.’ Then it is just a cash of pulling down to refresh, as regularly as possible, to see if there are any tasks that have become available since the last refresh.

The task that I have seen so far is an image categorisation one. This requires looking at a high quality photograph, usually of something scenic (so enjoyable to look at) and then stating what categories it could come under. For example it could ask you to mark all military related photographs in their own category. It is just a case of hitting the relevant word, which then ticks the box, and then submitting. I have found, so far, that most of the images just sit under the ‘none’ category, and at 3 cents per page I was able to complete each page in around 3-4 seconds! When the work was refreshing quickly this meant that I was making 45 cents per minute.

Initially when I downloaded the Spare 5 app I did not see any work, for around two weeks. I was only checking perhaps once per day, and growing more and more frustrated at the lack of work. Then one night I looked, at around 2am UK time, and found some of the image tagging tasks. This continued for around 3 hours, sometimes in dribs and drabs, sometimes flowing for $20+ before ending, and I made just over $70. Even if I spent 4 hours on this, and I was completing online work via my laptop at the same time, I made around £42 for 4 hours work – not bad at all!

There have been days, so far, where I have found no work, but I am not refreshing as regularly as I would like to. This is partly because I am using my mobile phone for other money making purposes too and partly because I am forgetting. This is something of a sporadic income, but it is income none the less. I don’t have specific stats on how much I’ve been making on average per month, as I haven’t had the app long, but so far so good!

You can join Spare 5 by clicking here.

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  1. paul December 7, 2016 / 10:21 am

    hi. do you have any other paying apps aside from spare 5 ?

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