Review: Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner

We have NO carpet in our home, and those God awful lino floors. This means that vacuuming is one of my most frequently undertaken chores. In the past, I have made a point of vacuuming whenever Daisy is at nursery because the noise used to really upset her. However, a couple of months ago Daisy was off nursery for a whole week and so I bit the bullet and tested the vacuum in front of her again. I was really pleased to see that she no longer cried and she actually wanted to join me with cleaning! Roll forward to this month and we were offered the chance to review the Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner – which is really similar in design to my own Dyson ball vacuum.

Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner

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Spruce up your office with these great tips

Spring is upon us and that means it is time for a freshen up. A nice spring clean might be all that you need to spruce up your office. However, there are a number of other changes that you can make to spruce up your office. You can look at making some bigger changes which will give you a nice working environment. Being able to have a calm, relaxing environment to work in is great for production. Also, your employees will be happier too.

Spruce up your office

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5 ways I’m taking care of myself more as a parent – self-care as a parent

Being a parent can be exhausting at times. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to be a parent, and I love my daughter. However, at times it can feel like ALL of my time goes into being a parent, working or just general house maintenance. The last few months, now my daughter is no longer a baby, I have been working on taking care of myself more. For me, I’ve been working on self-care as a parent more and I want to share 5 ways I’m achieving this recently.

Self-care as a parent

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Living Arrows 8/53 – Daisy and Daddy week

Well this is a bit late in the day, isn’t it! Monday is almost over and I am only just getting around to posting my Living Arrows post for the week. Usually, I schedule my posts in advance and feel all motivated and happy when I start the week. Today I started the week exhausted, so I just spent the whole day playing with Daisy, relaxing at home and playing games. It was lush! Just the tonic that I needed after the busy week last week. My Mum had her open heart surgery and has made it out of ICU already. I’m so pleased and look forward to her getting home so that she can get back on her feet. As I was at the hospital Thursday, Friday and Sunday Thomas spent most of his week off work looking after Daisy. This week’s photograph was taken by him during their time together. Anyway, here is our Living Arrows 8/53 post – Daisy and Daddy spent the week together! 

Living Arrows 8/53 - Daisy eating lunch

Daisy has really enjoyed spending time with her Daddy this week. They have been out to play, had lazy days together and been visiting Grandma’s house twice a day to keep her pets fed and cared for. Daisy loves Grandma’s house anyway, but even more so when she gets to play with her Teletubbies Russian dolls!

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The Meal Planning Linky Week #7 Meal Plan

Meal planning is something that I have really come to enjoy in the last few months. Meal planning helps keep us from buying takeaways, helps us eat healthier and has become an enjoyable part of my week. I love being able to look at a week’s meal plan, shop for the groceries and know that we have lots of nice meals to choose from. Today I’m sharing the Meal Planning Linky Week #2. This linky is hosted by myself, Katykicker, and Naomi from The Organised Life Project. We both LOVE meal planning and want to invite you to join us in sharing your meal plan and keeping motivated.

The Meal Planning Linky

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