Using disinfectant around my home (AD)

AD. I first started using disinfectant around my home when I was pregnant with my daughter back in 2015. So many people seem to be using Zoflora now, partly because of a number of influencers who recommend it in their Instastories and on their feeds. I love that Zoflora is increasing in popularity as they bring out lots of lovely scents regularly and I can go on a hunt in the supermarket to find my favourites. Also, I love that disinfectant is really reasonably priced, compared to other branded cleaning products. A little goes a long way and today I want to talk to you about the ways that I use disinfectant around my home.

Staying healthy is important to me and I have found that antibacterial sprays and disinfectants are great at helping with this. I make sure not to overuse them but if I have an area of my home that needs to be free of germs, such as the bathroom or kitchen sink, then I find disinfectant fantastic for this.

Using disinfectant around my home

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Living Arrows 6/52 [2019] – Can I have a pound Mum?

Happy Monday! I missed last week. I had lots going on and by the time I realised it was already Tuesday! Anyway, another week rolls around and this weeks living arrows 6/52 post is now live!

Living Arrows 6/52

Last week, after collecting Daisy from Nursery, we went for a little shopping trip to town. Daisy said to me “Can I have a pound Mum?” so I obliged. Then she wanted to go on another ride, so I gave her another pound. Then a few minutes later we saw a third ride and that was where I drew the line! Honestly – why is there a need for FIVE different rides in one shopping centre with about 35 shops? And why does everything cost £1 now?!

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Review: Centerparcs Waterside Lodge Elveden Forest

If you read my blog or follow me on social media, you will know I love a trip to Centerparcs! My family and I visit at least twice a year, often more than this, and we love trying out a new lodge. Recently we enjoyed a Winter stay in a Centerparcs Waterside Lodge located in Elveden Forest. This is the nearest Centerparcs to our home and we tend to visit it pretty frequently. I’m going to share my honest review with you, talking about what I believe can be changed, and what we loved about our Centerparcs Waterside Lodge.

The Centerparcs Waterside Lodge

Centerparcs Waterside Lodge Review

We stayed in the third lodge, on the right. This was number 94 and was named Sloop. All of the lodges have the same facilities and amenities but this one was the least overlooked in our opinion. When we were in the lodge we couldn’t see anyone, besides through one of the windows. When we were enjoying the deck area we also couldn’t see anyone until we stood near the gas barbeque.

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The Meal Planning Linky Week #58 Meal Plan

Meal planning is something that I have really come to love in recent months. Meal planning helps us avoid buying takeaways, helps us to eat healthier meals and has become an important part of my organisational week. Being able to look at a meal plan, and choose what we are going to eat, takes some of the stress away from our day. Today I’m sharing the Meal Planning Linky Week #58. I can’t believe this linky has been running for 58 weeks now. Wow! Thanks to everyone who joins up! 

Katykickers weekly meal planning linky

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