Yours voucher codes – save money on clothes

I’m known online, by some, for my money making and money saving efforts. Looking after my money is important to me. Not only do I strive to make more money each and every year but I also want to save more money too. Being savvy is important to me, mostly, and I like to get myself a discount wherever I can. One way that I like to save money is by looking for voucher codes online. For example, if I wanted to shop at Yours then I would look for ‘Yours voucher codes’ online. Having a dedicated website that provides voucher codes is a great way to save time and still save money in the process.

Yours voucher codes - save money on clothes

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Random acts of kindness for 2017

This year I’m trying out something a little different. I’m in a really fortunate position in my life. I get to work from home, making money online. I get to spend time with my daughter every single day. We don’t have to rely on childcare. I’m able to visit my Mum anytime I want. In general I feel really blessed with my life. I almost died last year, and a couple of times before that in previous years, and it has taught me that you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, well – not much! To celebrate this I am going to be spending 2017 carrying out lots of random acts of kindness. 

Random acts of kindness 2017 - A selection of my favourite random acts of kindness related quotes

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Glassware wishlist with House of Fraser

My kitchen is my favourite room in my house. Well, I say room but really we have an open plan kitchen and living room. My kitchen is pretty large considering this and I have no less than 11 huge cupboards. I love to cram my cupboards full of gadgets and beautiful items. Every year or two I have to have a clear out, to make way for new gorgeous items and remove ones that I don’t use. Also, we have a wine storage area that we use for various spirits – and rarely wine. Glassware makes a nice drink feel a little more special so today I’m sharing my glassware wishlist with you.

My glassware wishlist with House of Fraser

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Daisy is ten months old – another month has passed!

I say this time and time again I know but wow – another month! Daisy has already been here for almost a year and I can hardly believe it sometimes. My tiny baby has been replaced with a little tornado. She whirls through the day creating mess, and noise, displacing objects but reminding me how grateful I am to be alive! Daisy is ten months old and this is what she has been up to for the past month:

Daisy is ten months old

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Great teething products – ones that Daisy loves

Any parent will know that teething can be horrible! Between the crying, the sleepless nights and the pain itself our poor babies really go through the mill. Fortunately as adults we can’t remember the pain of teething! I do remember my wisdom teeth trying to come through, in my mid 20s, and the subsequent pain I experienced. Because of this I want to try and do my best for my daughter. I love to use some of these great teething products and thought I’d share them with you on the off chance I might be able to help someone else too!

Great teething products - Daisy's favourite picks!

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