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10 things I love about my husband

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My husband. Thomas. Tom. Or T. He is the lesser mentioned member of my family when it comes to blogging. Daisy, our lovely daughter, who is currently 4-years-old, gets most of the mentions here.

However, my husband is always there in the background, working away, being supportive and today I want to share 10 things I love about my husband. Hope you enjoy it!

My husband - picking fruit at Cammas hall having fun together

10 things I love about my husband

He is hard working and supportive

Thomas is a hard worker. There is no doubt about that. Some weeks in the past he works 60 – 72 hours and there was barely a moan about it.

Working hard is something that defines my husband. As well as working hard at his place of work he does the bulk of the hard work in our garden. He takes cares of all our pets too and he does his share around the home.

Back in 2013 I was working a job I didn’t enjoy. I was ill frequently. My health was suffering, both mentally and physically. Thomas spoke to me, for just 5 minutes, and the decision was made. I was quitting my job!

I never looked back and I have been working for myself ever since. My blog, my online income, our savings, they have all been made possible because Thomas was so supportive of me in my time of need.

He is strong

Emotionally and physically. This is a bit of a cliche really to want a strong man but he is the perfect fit for our family. If I’m struggling to open a jar he is there.

When I had my c-section and needed help with everything from getting out of bed to lifting the baby and travel system down the stairs he was there.

Being emotionally strong is something that I have gradually come to love about my husband. Yes, he doesn’t cry much, or express emotions frequently, but often this is the perfect mix.

If someone dies he is there, strong and occasionally emotional. If something small happens and I’m more affected by it than I should be he is there being strong, showing me that the small things will matter less one day soon. And they do. 

He is a great singer

This isn’t something that Thomas makes a big deal about. He has a wonderful voice. Since having Daisy I get to hear him sing more, which is lovely.

His voice is so nice and although I’m biased those people that have heard it agree with me!

Jam making supplies!

He makes thoughtful gestures

While the gestures are few and far between they are always thoughtful. Like the time he brought me home a Tassimo machine.

Or the days that he gets up super early, or stays up from his night shift, to let me lay in bed a little longer. Also, he makes LOVELY jam! 

He puts himself out for others

If I had worked a 12 hour shift, and someone wanted a lift, or the allotment needed tending, I would just go home and climb in bed. Thomas always puts himself out for others.

He donates to charity, he commits random acts of kindness. He puts himself out for others. We don’t have a large amount of friends and family around us but the ones we do have Thomas will put himself out for. Although they don’t always ask. 

My husband - Caring

He is handsome

I think this is a given really. Who would marry someone that they didn’t think was attractive? As Thomas has grown older, going from 20 to 30 in the span of our relationship thus far, he has got more handsome to me. I think this is because personality is part of what makes someone attractive.

After over 10 years I’m never tired of looking at Thomas, spending time with him and enjoying our life together.

Daddy and Daisy at Paulton's Park on the carousel!

He makes a lovely cup of tea

The best cup of tea ever. I’m not very good at making tea. I’m not sure why! Thomas makes a lovely cup of tea that almost has medicinal benefits to it. If only he offered to make me a cup of tea a bit more often! 

I say that but I’m a coffee drinker these days. I wouldn’t be awake writing posts like this, at 7am, if I drank tea instead of coffee!

He is willing to change

10 years together is a long time. We have grown together in those 10 years. But not without our fair share of trials and tribulations. Thomas is willing to change. As am I. 

Thomas has become tidier, more thoughtful, more generous and many of the changes in him as a person have come about in the last 5 years.

We have both matured together, learned to respect ourselves and each other more and both become better people for one another. I love that Thomas is willing to change.

My husband - Playing with Daisy in Paradise Wildlife Park

He is an amazing Father

Since our daughter was born in March 2016 I’ve seen another side to Thomas. He is an amazing Father, and definitely exceeds any expectations that I might have had before Daisy was born.

My birth was a dramatic one (aren’t they all?!). Thomas was there, solid and dependable. Showing just the right amount of emotion.

When Daisy become unwell at 10 days old, with what would become clear to be FPIES, Thomas pushed to make sure she got help, and has been fighting for us both in that respect ever since.

Thomas enjoying a yoghurt on a family picnic

He has a swirl in his beard

One of the things I adore about my husband is that he has a little swirl in his beard. I am sure that this is reflective of his personality at times. Thomas has grown a beard since we had our daughter, and I think it really suits him.

There is a little swirl that appears in the beard, like a tiny whirlpool, and I love this. His beard has a mixture of different colours, including ginger and a few greys. I love this and Thomas’ beard has become part of his identity.

So there you have it… 10 things I love about my husband!

My lovely husband will read this post, I’m sure, as he is always having a little nose on here!

Thanks for all that you do for our family Thomas and thanks for putting up with me! There is so much more that I could say here but I know you’re not one for big displays!

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10 things that I love about my husband. Find out more about our relationship, what makes my husband and amazing and why his beard is my favourite

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Monday 11th of September 2017

Now that was a great post Katy I really enjoyed reading it. I know how you feel me and Keith have been married nearly 29 years and I still love him to bits. XX


Monday 11th of September 2017

Thanks so much. It is lovely when you are with the right person isn't it!


Friday 8th of September 2017

Aaaaw, seems like he shares many qualities with my partner. Including the singing! However I find that annoying. For example I will try and sing a couple of lines and he will say to me 'It's nothing like that,..... it's more like this' and then sing it perfectly!


Saturday 9th of September 2017

Hahaha mine wouldn't dream of doing that to me, but I'm 100% NOT a good singer, at all. No doubts!


Friday 8th of September 2017

Was reading this expecting to see at the bottom: " *This is a collaborative post." ;) LOL.

Seriously, he sounds great! Keep up the good work, Tom! Or should I say, Thomas!


Friday 8th of September 2017

Haha Thomas is the bill payer in our home too, so maybe it was an advert hahahaha! Thanks for stopping by!

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