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My £100 grocery challenge results

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Firstly, this post is VERY VERY late! I had it drafted but it turns out I forgot about it completely for more than a month. I’m going to reiterate, once again, that we didn’t run this challenge in October because we can’t afford food. We are fortunate that money isn’t tight these days. However, despite this I think that it is good to have an overhaul from time to time. Having a month where I really had to think about saving money, and cutting back, sees us in good stead for the months ahead. Anyway, here are =my £100 grocery challenge results!

The first half of the month I was thinking that there was no way that I was going to make this challenge – but I did! Just! My end total was £102.87 for this £100 grocery challenge. However, as I saved 3% on my Sainsburys gift vouchers, I actually ended on £99.87 total spend! Find out how I was doing midway through my grocery challenge!

I wouldn’t say that we really deprived ourselves of anything during our £100 grocery challenge. What we did do was meal plan more, use up random bits in the freezer and cook from scratch more. We had alcohol, but not a lot. Also, I cut back my visits to the clothing and toy section! I spent £1.25 on a pair of leggings for Daisy which I couldn’t resist – total bargain!

£100 grocery challenge - the results

During our £100 grocery challenge I used the information documented in some of these posts to help:

Save money on your food shopping

How to avoid overspending

Meal planning tips

How to prepare salads in advance

Also, I used these recipes all at least once:

Slow cooker beef chilli

Slow cooker whole chicken

Airfryer roast potatoes


Easy shortcrust pastry

Kitchen gadgets I used:

I used my *Panasonic bread maker, Russell Hobbs slow cooker and my new Savisto stand mixer. All of these items helped me keep costs low and still make items from scratch easily.

My final thoughts on the £100 grocery challenge

I really enjoyed completing this challenge. Maybe I would have enjoyed it less if I genuinely only could afford £100 for the month. It was a challenge, at times, but it helped me to rein in the spending a little before Christmas time. Also, it got me back into cooking from scratch. We wasted next to no food during the month we followed the £100 grocery challenge. The month after we only spent £160 too, as we hadn’t run all of our supplies down thanks to careful planning.

If you were short on money it is possible to live on so little. However, you would want to cut back on the quality of some of your products a little to stretch your budget further. Long term I wouldn’t want to go back to living on £100 a month like we did a few years ago. However, now and then it is great to get your creativity back in the kitchen and make you look for genuine bargains.

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I've finished my £100 grocery challenge. Find out how I'm money saving, batch cooking, meal planning and more to spend just £100 on groceries. Come see the results now!

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Sunday 18th of December 2016

I enjoyed a lovely hot drink and bacon bap yesterday for next to nothing thanks to vouchers! Always nice isn't it!