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£100 grocery challenge – We’re living on £100 for a month!

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We are a family of 3, including a 6 month old baby. This means that we are spending quite a lot of money on groceries these days. This is partly because of being short on time/sleep/effort and partly just not shopping as smartly as we could. I’m going to be aiming to complete a £100 grocery challenge this month to help clear down the fridge/freezer and make some space in our large food cupboard.

First of all I should start by saying that we have a relatively well stocked fridge freezer and a small chest freezer. We have quite a lot of meat and a fair few types of vegetables, as well as a relatively well stocked store cupboard. This means that we are already off to a great start with the £100 grocery challenge and really it should be something that is quite easy.

The £100 grocery challenge

The basic idea is a simple one. Live all month on just £100 – thus the £100 grocery challenge is born!

I am going to implementing tips from several of my past posts:

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Meal planning with mince

Meal planning tips

How to avoid overspending

I will also be using a number of recipes that I’ve wrote about before here:

Homemade tortillas

Slow cooker whole chicken  which I will stretch thanks to this post: rubber roast chicken

Slow cooker chilli

slow cooker chicken saag curry

We don’t need to complete the £100 grocery challenge to allow us to have money for bills, or anything drastic like that, however, this time of year is a great time to run down the fridge, freezer and cupboards a little ready for the Christmas treats.

I like to ensure that we keep a tight rein on our finances and a £100 grocery challenge is a fantastic way to get motivated for meal planning, batch cooking and generally saving money.

I am intending on buying all household purchases within our £100 grocery challenge. This includes toiletries, nappies, food for our daughter, food for our cats, fish and turtle (where needed) and cleaning products.

So far, as of the time of this post, I’ve spent £5 on some fresh fruit and milk. This is a great start and I’ve been using my slow cooker and batch cooking already!

Will you join me in my £100 grocery challenge?

I really enjoyed taking part in this challenge and you can actually see how I was doing midway through my grocery challenge and the results of my challenge now.

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Find out more about my £100 grocery challenge. Save money on groceries, use my frugal food recipes and cut back on spending

Approved Food review - showing all of the goodies that I bought
Approved Food Review (AD)
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Simple cheese straws

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