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20 Cogs – Make money completing tasks & paid offers (AD)

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AD. I’ve been making money online for absolutely years now. I’m not even sure I could tell you quite how long. Over that time I have tried all manner of ways to make money, many of which I’ve stuck to in one capacity or another. I’ve used lots of great websites to make money from paid surveys, market research, focus groups, inputting data, creating content, completing paid offers and much more. Having a diverse income online is really important to me and so I am always looking for ways to increase my income, and have a little extra money for my savings challenges. Today I want to share a website with you that I hope will help you boost your income a little – *20 Cogs!

20 Cogs - Make money completing tasks & paid offers

What is 20 Cogs?

20 Cogs is a website that rewards you for completing paid offers, signing up for free trials, gaming and completing surveys. 20 Cogs receive payment from advertisers running offers and they share this money with you. Once you complete 20 offers (or 20 Cogs!) you’ll be able to receive a payment for all of the cogs – and cash out.

Joining 20 Cogs

*Sign up to 20 Cogs for free and then you can get started working on your 20 Cogs. Cogs stands for competitions, offers, games and surveys. Upon joining, I used the Facebook sign-up option for ease, you will see your 1st Cog to complete right away. This is a profile survey and once completed you will receive £5.00 into your earnings and your 1st cog will change from grey to green. Exciting!

Make money in your spare time with 20 cogs

Completing offers with 20 Cogs

Now you just need to work your way through the 20 Cogs to get yourself to the payout level. When I saw the first offer to complete Cog 2 I realised that this wasn’t an offer I could complete. It was asking me to sign up to Lifepoints, which is a website I’m already a member of. Therefore I clicked ‘give me a new offer’ and something else was offered to me instead.

As you work through the 20 Cogs you will possibly find offers that you have already completed on other websites, particularly if you’re a fan of making money online, but you can just ask for another Cog to be loaded. There may come a time where the Cog you’re working on doesn’t have any more offers. If this happens to you then you will want to check back regularly for 20 Cogs to load new offers. Amounts reported among friends rang from £100 – £250! Quite a nice chunk of money I’m sure you’ll agree!

A few quick tips to help you achieve completion of offers correctly:

Don’t use an ad blocker as this could stop your offers tracking correctly.

Screenshot any offers that you complete. Whilst most of the time your offers will track automatically somethings things stop this from happening, always have screenshots on hand to get your Cog turned Green as quickly as possible.

Check back regularly for new offers to boost the speed of your cog completion.

Use the helpdesk if you have a problem rather than just abandoning your mission to complete 20 Cogs! You can find lots of answers to commonly asked questions here too. 

I personally use a secondary email address for money-making offers online, as sometimes I sign up to mailing lists and newsletters while not paying attention. Doing this makes it easier to switch off from online work at the end of the day too.

20 Cogs is a great way to make a nice chunk of extra money for a special occasion such as Birthdays or even a nice holiday. You’re not going to get rich quick, like most of the methods I suggest here really, but it is a great way to make some extra money and perhaps get to try some nice new products and services too. *Sign up now for free!

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Wednesday 16th of October 2019

This looks great - I'm going to sign up and give it a go x


Thursday 17th of October 2019

Let me know how you get on! x

Newcastle Family Life

Tuesday 15th of October 2019

This has just reminded me I joined 20cogs a few months ago and only have a few more to complete. I had totally forgot about it before reading this x


Thursday 17th of October 2019

Ooh yay! Hope it goes well x