2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the items within this gift guide in exchange for coverage. Christmas for me is about spending time with family and having good food & drink. Whether that is buying in a fantastic Christmas hamper of meat, to take the strain off the shopping, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen for weeks in advance, I just love good food and family time. Today I want to share with you a selection of gifts for the food & drink lover in your life with my 2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers. This guide also features great food & drink ideas for your own home during the festive season. As I wrote this post I was listening to my top 10 Christmas songs.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers

Christmas is a time for baking and these super cute Salter cactus scales are ideal for measuring out ingredients for all your Christmas needs. Whether you’re mixing up a cocktail, or baking cookies for Santa, these are ridiculously on-trend!

Cooking without fats or oils is a great way to be healthier at Christmas time, and all year round. These copper pans from JML heat up super fast, retain heat for longer and are scratch-resistant too.

I’m a big fan of slow cooking and love the extra depth of flavour that it brings to food. This Cook It Slowly! Book is the perfect gift for fans of great food.

Christmas is a great time for enjoying all the food! We love to sit around in the evenings, enjoying cheese & crackers and leftover meat from all the family meals. Having a selection of chutneys on hand means we can liven up all of our late night snacks and jazz up Christmas sandwiches.

No Christmas would be complete without cheese and the Ashmore Farmhouse Cheddar is the perfect accompaniment for crackers. This cheddar has a deep, rich and strong flavour as it is turned by hand to develop the perfect even flavour. The products on offer from Produced In Kent and their work to create the Kent Food Trails is absolutely fantastic.

Add a little sass to your cocktails during the festive season with the flavoursome popping pineapple bursting bubbles from Pop A Ball.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers - Souschef Ramen Kit

The foodie in your life will love this beautiful Ramen set from Sous Chef. In this set you get two beautiful Mizumi ramen bowls, measuring 8.5cm deep by 17cm in diameter, 2 ramen ladles, a Sous Chef Drawstring Gift Bag and even Ramen recipes. With the addition of just a few ingredients, that you can buy from Sous Chef also, you can give the gift of delicious homemade ramen. As we are BIG fans of Pho I’ll be gifting this set to my husband, so we can make our own delicious ramen creations at home.

Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies - Berghoff

The Leo On The Go range, available from House of Fraser, is a great way to do your bit for the environment and save money in the process too. The BergHOFF Leo Bento Box is a great way to store a sandwich and some snacks separately and the travel flatware set is fantastic. The BergHOFF Leo Dual Lunch Pot is ideal for storing all sorts of goodies such as soup and croutons or yoghurt and muesli topping. It’s nice to be able to use proper cutlery when eating out on the go instead of disposable plastic cutlery.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers - Red Candy and SousChef

No Christmas food guide would be complete without the addition of some luxuries. The Fudge Kitchen’s Christmas Caramels are a mix of twelve biscuit-sized caramels smothered in thick milk chocolate. They are deliciously luxurious and decadent, making them the perfect addition to your Christmas Day treat table. The sea salted caramel is a particular favourite of mine!

If you’ve got a loved one that you’re not able to visit during the festive season then you can let them know that you’re thinking of them with a Letterbox Cake from bakerdays. There is a wide variety to choose from, and you can even choose from a variety of sizes, designs and recipes; including gluten-free and dairy-free sponges.

I’m a BIG fan of kitchen items and gadgets for Christmas. Not a year goes by without me asking for a waffle maker, bread maker, Le Creuset dish or another must-have item for cooking with. This year I’m in love with the Joseph Joseph Podium Storage. It’s convenient, air-tight and ideal for keeping my kitchen cupboards clean and organised. I love having everything to hand and this is perfect for having baking goods close to hand.

Settling down on the sofa late at night, with a few treats, is part of the enjoyment of the festive period for us. Panettone is the perfect treat to get into the indulgence of Christmas with. With chocolate & salt caramel panettone you can take 5 minutes to enjoy a slice alongside a nice cup of coffee and recharge your batteries.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers - popcorn maker, 4 in 1 grill pan and thirst aid box

This is a little cliche but who doesn’t love a nice cold drink at Christmas time. This Thirst Aid Box is great fun, comes with 6 fantastic British beers and will last for years. It is strong and sturdy, and ideal for taking round to visit friends too.

We love to have lots of movie nights during Christmas time and this year will be enjoying homemade popcorn thanks to this Hot Air Popcorn Maker. It produces popcorn in next to no time and using hot air instead of oil. This is a great way to have a healthy indulgence during Christmas time and you can even make your own seasonings and dressings.

For that person in your life who loves cooking, but seems to have everything, why not gift this 4-in-1 frying pan from Kitch Pro. It’s ideal for cooking a full English breakfast, without the beans touching the egg, and it cuts down on the washing up too!

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers - Star Wars cookie jar

Most people know a HUGE Star Wars fan and this Star Wars Cookie Jar, with original movie sounds, is the ideal treat for any fan. When you open the lid it makes the familiar sound of Darth Vader breathing and will alert you to anyone trying to steal your cookies or baked goods.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers - Kits, tea & drinks

I love to cook and create dishes for my family. A few of my relatives are the same. This year I’ll be gifting some subscription boxes from The Spice Pioneer. There is a range of different delicious recipe boxes every month and they even have a Gin & Tonic garnish box, which is ideal for the gin lover in your life.

For that hard to buy for person in your life why not gift Opies products. We love to keep their stem ginger and cocktail cherries at home, for smoothies & cocktails but will be gifting Peaches with Courvoisier this year to our grandparents. Available from your local supermarket. 

My husband is an avid tea lover, and it seems just about everything loves tea these days! Aduna have a range of delicious teas and these detox teabags make the ideal stocking filler. Green tea & turmeric tea is a fantastic, organic blend that is a great way to let someone know you care when they are having a stressful day at work. I like to pack a little box in my husband’s workbag when he heads on out for a busy shift so he can always take 10 minutes for a de-stress and to recharge his batteries.

For the lower alcohol content lover in your life, like me, these Happy Down drinks are absolutely fantastic. They come in a range of unusual but delicious bright drinks and are the perfect way to enjoy a drink without overindulging.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers - Drinks

For me, no Christmas would be complete without a little drink or two. I’ve picked a selection of my favourite finds from Christmas events I attended earlier in the year to share with you.

Fair offer a range of wonderful fairtrade and organic alcoholic drinks that are also socially responsible. The quinoa vodka you see here is brewing and single-column distilled in Cognac, France. The quinoa is organically grown and Fairtrade certified so you can be sure the people involved in the manufacture of this product receive fair treatment and a fair price for their goods. This is one of the silkiest, smooth vodkas I have ever drunk and is wonderful both alone or as part of an Espresso Martini, which I’ll share a recipe for below.

Fair cafe liqueur is made with 100% Fairtrade certified Arabica coffee beans that are slow-roasted to extract the fine properties of the coffee. You can enjoy this alone or as part of a wonderful Espresso Martini. Buy Fair drinks online now.

Just about everyone I know loves gin and when they come to visit, for Christmas drinks, I’ll be serving up these delightful London Essence Co tonics and crafted sodas. The tonics come in 200ml sizes, making them perfect as a single serve mixer. My favourite is the bitter orange & elderflower.

During the festive period, there are times that you may want to have a drink, without alcohol, that still tastes delicious. This is where Botonique comes in. This is a botanical drink that is perfect for wine lovers but is alcohol-free. A whole bottle contains just 105 calories, which is around 1/6 of the calories of a bottle of wine.

How to make Espresso Martini

Combine 50ml of Fair vodka, 35ml of Fair Cafe Liqueur and a shot of espresso into a cocktail shaker.

Fill a martini glass with ice, then add ice to the cocktail shaker.

Shake, empty the glass from the martini glass and serve your cocktail in the glass to create a rich froth.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers - Merry Christmas

We send a few family gifts at Christmas time and this year will be gifting this Merry Xmas sweet selection. It is packed full of more than 1kg of sweets, with 10 different varieties. This makes it the perfect family gift, with something for everyone.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers - Musclefood turkey hamper

Photo credit – Musclefood

This Christmas why not give yourself the gift of convenience? A Luxury Turkey Christmas Hamper comes with a 3-3.4kg British turkey, pigs in blankets, sage & onion stuffing balls, streaky bacon rashers and turkey gravy. On top of that, you even get 4 rump steaks which are perfect for a simple yet delicious Christmas Eve tea. You’ve got until Friday the 21st of December to place your order for guaranteed Christmas delivery. Also, the hamper comes with free gifts including disposable roasting trays and a chocolate tree.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers - Crockpot

I’m a HUGE fan of slow cooker dinners and love being able to come home, after a long day, to a home cooked dinner. This crockpot is so much more than just a slow cooker. You can brown & saute, steam, slow cooker AND pressure cook. You can make yoghurt, rice, desserts, soups or even just keep your food warm while you prepare a salad or other side dish.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers - Haribo sweets

Our daughter Daisy has FPIES, which means we are really conscious of allergies when gifting to friends with little ones. This year we’ll be giving Haribo stocking fillers and selection boxes. The ‘Share The Fun’ pouches are perfect for the little ones to enjoy on Christmas day morning, and I like them too! You can probably tell from this photo but Daisy couldn’t wait to start tucking into these and has worked her way through most of the bag! Grab yourself some Haribo or even a Haribo selection box in your local Tesco store.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers - Guylian

Want to enjoy a delicious treat that also does good? Guylian Chocolate Seashells are for you! Every time you buy a box of delicious Guylian Chocolate Seashells you are supporting Project Seahorse, an International Marine Conservation Organisation. These chocolates are filled with 65% praline for a decadent treat. Find Guylian chocolates in store at your local Tesco. 

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers - Tower Toastie Maker

My husband absolutely loves a toasted sandwich and now with the Tower Deep Fill Sandwich Maker he can cram them with delicious fillings even more than ever before! This heats up in seconds and is easy to clean thanks to the ceramic plates.

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  1. Kim Carberry November 7, 2018 / 1:14 pm

    Oh wow! So many great and interesting products.
    I love the sound of the copper pans.
    My teen has actually asked for a 4-in-1 frying pan so she can cook her own fry up in one go. lol
    The Star Wars cookie jar looks like a lot of fun. hehehe

    • katykicker November 10, 2018 / 7:35 pm

      The 4-in-1 pan is actually reallllllly good – we’ve used it a couple of times already! And that cookie jar is fun, you’re right. I can’t stop opening the lid!

  2. Cora Harrison November 7, 2018 / 1:26 pm

    What an amazing post to kick off gift guide season. We love the Joseph and Joseph storage containers were huge fans of the Joseph Joseph product range. This post has definitely given us some amazing inspiration for gifts this year! Thanks Katy 😀

    • katykicker November 10, 2018 / 7:35 pm

      Thanks so much! I love Joseph Joseph too. Glad I could inspire you! x

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      My husband is SO happy to have a sandwich toaster once again!

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    we have a standard slater weighing machine – it’s excellent. It would amuse me to get biscuits out of darth vader 🙂 I like the look of the ramen bowls too. We’ve got so much specialist china for different meals half of it lives in the garage because our kitchen is so small.

    • katykicker November 10, 2018 / 7:38 pm

      I’m absolutely loving the Darth Vader cookie jar – not going to lie! The ramen bowls are one of my favourite products in the entire guide and I’ve made a special place in the cupboard for them too!

  6. Cat Williams November 8, 2018 / 9:22 pm

    How pretty is that pan!? I think I might need one.

    • katykicker November 10, 2018 / 7:40 pm

      So many people have commented on the pan. It’s fantastic quality too!

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    I’m loving the idea of saute and cook in one pot. Much better and saves on the washing up! x

  9. katykicker November 19, 2018 / 9:53 am

    I was really impressed and I’m looking forward to receiving my Christmas hamper!

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