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2018 Christmas Gift Guide for Pets (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted all of the featured items in exchange for coverage. Our pets were really our babies before our daughter was born. We have cats, fish and a turtle. We also have a family dog, that we spend time with. I love to treat our pets, as I do the rest of our family, at Christmas time. Today I want to share with you a selection of the items that we will be gifting to our family pets, in my 2018 Christmas Gift Guide for Pets.

Our cat Izzy really is the Queen of all of our pets. Izzy is the first to be fed, even over her cat sister Jasmine. Izzy was diagnosed at birth with a heart defect, and we expected her to die a long time ago, but she keeps ticking over and living the lazy life. This shark pet bed, from Cool Stuff, is perfect for her. It has a large opening, giving her lots of room to climb inside, and it’s super soft inside. The bed within is removable, which is perfect for giving it a weekly refresh. You can even press this down flat if need be, to store it away. It says that this is hand wash only, but I’ve already washed it on a hand wash cycle in my machine and it has held up great! I love how easy this is to wipe over too.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for Pets - Nylabone and Mikki

Pet care is a really important area of pet life, particularly if you have hairy pets as we do. Mikki has a range of products designed to combat the problem of pet hair. The Pet Hair Magnet is great for removing hair from clothes and furniture and takes just seconds to use.

Nylabone have a range of great pet treats including their Rawhide alternative bone and the great fun Giggle & Shake Bone. It makes a hilarious noise when you shake it, and it is BACON FLAVOURED! This is a great way to distract your pets on Christmas Day, and beyond. You can get one of these out on New Year’s Eve to distract from all the fireworks and noise outside.

After all those treats you can look after your pet’s teeth with the Woobamboo toothbrush. These have 95% less plastic than a traditional brush and they have a range of brushes for different sized dogs.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for Pets - Mikki products

The Mikki Massage Slicker Brush, Smooth & Stroke Glove and Soft Pin Slicker are great accessories to care for your pet’s hair and skin. I love grooming gloves as they are really convenient to use. You can groom your pet while giving them fuss and attention. My younger cat, Jasmine, absolutely loves this grooming glove. We sit for around 15-20 minutes at a time, and I am able to run my gloved hand over my back to remove excess hair. This isn’t usually possible, as Jasmine is quite timid, but she loves the feel of the glove and is happy for me to give her some attention.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for Pets - Cat Scratcher

Our cats love to scratch our furniture and are seemingly trying to ruin my nice furnishings. The Catwalk Natural Cat Scratcher from Viovet fits in with our surroundings well, has a great natural look at my cats absolutely love it. The base is really sturdy, so it doesn’t move around the floor, and this means I can position it in front of my sofa, or the edge of my bed, to stop my cats from destroying my furniture. Until we have a lovely garden, leading out from bifold doors, I do my best to keep my cats entertained while we are stuck instead a lot!

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for Pets - Viovet Kong Products

Cats love toys too, although mine has had a vast array of toys over the year that they’ve rejected without even touching. Kong toys from Viovet are fantastic, as they are often infused with catnip, and this is something most cats are interested in. The fabric on the toys is durable, long-lasting and can withstand kicks, bites and being tossed around the room during playtime. The Kickeroos are a particular winner in our home and we have several different ones now. New customers can receive 10% off orders at Viovet over £35 using my exclusive code VVUKKATY10. Valid from the 10th of November to the 10th of December 2018.

We received the items featured within this gift guide for free, in exchange for this coverage. This post is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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Cora Harrison

Wednesday 14th of November 2018

We have that shark bed. Isn't it just 100% cat goals :D

This is an awesome list, I know Helen and I are going to be buying some of the items you've recommended for our clan of cats :D


Monday 19th of November 2018

Ahh I love the Shark bed so much too!

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