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2021 – the year of plans?! (AD)

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AD. 2020 was a washout hasn’t it..! In our family we had cancelled holidays, cancelled weddings, cancelled family gatherings and so much more along the way.

We are grateful to be safe, and that everyone in our family is still well, of course, but also it has been an absolute washout year hasn’t it – for just about everyone!

Now that we are well into the new year I am thinking that 2021 will be the year of plans, at least for us. At least the second half hey!

We have lots of lovely family events to look forward to in 2021! We are going to welcome a new baby into our family, have time off together to look forward to, have re-arranged family holidays, our own 10 year wedding anniversary, a family hen do and then a family wedding too just for good measure!

I am so excited for 2021, and really hope that our life has returned back to ‘normal’ by then, or whatever the new normal will be for us and the World.

Lots of house jobs:

We’re currently waiting for our house to have a new roof, guttering, fascias and soffits, loft insulation replacement, plastering and electrical work. Once this is done we’re going to need to redecorate, for the second time in two years, as our home has had a LOT of water ingress and is in a bad way!

Our girls room:

Once we’ve decorated we’re going to look to change Daisy’s room around a little! We’ll have two girls in there before we know it so it seems like a good time to get some made to measure curtains, and make a few changes to the room like a smaller bed for Daisy.

A tidy up:

We’ve had scaffolders in our home 4 or 5 times now, for the back of the house, and with this has come some damage. Damage to floors and woodwork. Also, there are two rooms where the skirtings need touching up. So that will be one of the first jobs I want to do once the baby is here and I’ve got the motivation.

My home office


We had the upstairs doors replaced last year, and have the downstairs still to do. Also, while everything is primed I need to do some painting – so that’s one of the next big house jobs on the list.

LOTS of work in the garden:

Our garden is VERY weedy after the Winter! As well as getting back on top of this, and the plant growing and planting new herbs we’ve got a few other plans. I’d personally love some Elite Artificial Grass but that may be something Tom and I will butt heads about!

We’re also looking to have a new patio installed, buy some lovely patio furniture and then I want to get one of those nice Ooni pizza ovens eventually too!

The garden is probably going to be a project that has to sit on the back burner for now, as we’ve got scaffolders coming once the roof work finally commences. I’ve started saving up now though, so in my mind the commitment to the work has already begun!

Our 10th wedding anniversary:

In June 2021 we will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. The time has flown by and I swear 10 years married has really snuck up on us!

Originally I had this idea of us having a little family BBQ, or similar, in our home, weather dependent but now I am thinking that it might be really nice if 2021 was filled with lots of lovely days out, family holidays and events to celebrate our changing family dynamic.

A family meal feels like a fantastic way for us celebrate both our 10th wedding anniversary and the new baby that will have joined our lovely little family by then too!

I have recently been looking for restaurants near me, ideally with a private dining area, and not too far to drive from our home. I would love our family to enjoy chatting, socialise and spending time together without strangers present.

A private dining area is a great way to have a lovely dining experience, where everyone can be catered to, and little ones can be kept safe in a separate room to run around, or sleep in their prams as needed.

It is too soon for us to make a booking right now but it is great to be able to get an idea of the costs of arranging a family meal, or even a buffet situation if we want to treat everyone else.

What I love about the Squaremeal finder is that it shows different restaurants to those I would find doing my own research. I found 10 different restaurants within under 10 miles of my home that I have never even heard of before!

The search results show distance from my home, photographs, a description of the food they offer, an approximate price and even food hygiene ratings too, which feels super important now more than ever.

I’m mindful of not booking somewhere that is expensive for the members of our family who don’t have so much money to spend frivolously and it is great to see an idea of average price to help us make an informed choice.

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