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3 ingredient mug cake – ready in under 2 minutes!

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If you’re looking for a super simple and budget friendly dessert then my mug cake is perfect. This is a 3 ingredient mug cake, so you should have everything in if you keep a well stocked pantry (or have little ones) and it’s a doddle to make too.

Not only is this easy to make for one person you can mix up a second batch in the time the first one takes to microwave and then in under 10 minutes everyone in your family will have one.

You could look to add some protein powder to this if you want to hit your protein goals near the end of the day and it’s super simple to customise the flavour too.

While this is delicious on its own mug cakes are also stunning when served with whipped cream or ice cream to bring them up a notch.

This will take you just 30 seconds to prepare the mix for and then up to 60 seconds to cook (dependent on your microwave wattage).

A 2 minute cake? Yes please!

Make sure your cup is a microwave safe one!

If you’re looking to bake something, and have a little more time and effort, then why not try out this Vanilla velvet cake which looks lovely! As does this honey cake and this Mile High Chocolate Pound Cake. A vanilla buttercream frosting would be so tasty on the top of this too.

3 ingredient chocolate mug cake close up

Ingredients for 3 ingredient mug cake:

1 egg (large will work great)

80g chocolate spread (you could use Nature’s store if you want it to be dairy free)

30g plain flour

Chocolate protein oats in a white ramekin that have been cooked in the air fryer. The protein oats are spread with chocolate spread also.

Method for this chocolate mug cake:

Choose a microwave safe large mug. I tend to go for a larger one (The one I use holds 315ml of liquid just for context pictures wise).

Add the chocolate spread to the mug.

It’s just over 5 tablespoons if you don’t have weighing scales to hand. Being over generous won’t be the end of the world.

Crack in the egg and add to the cup. Mix well.

Add the flour.

Mix slowly and carefully until everything is combined. Be sure to only mix until combined and don’t over mix.

Microwave for 50-60 seconds. I always check at 50 seconds and do another 10 seconds if needed. You can usually tell from the firmness of the cake itself, but if you need to you can use a cake tester or even just a spoon to see if it is cooked to your desired texture.

Serve with ice cream, a dusting of icing sugar or just eat it alone with a spoon! I eat it from the mug, without generating more washing up as I’m smart like that!

Chocolate chip banana muffins on wooden serving trays on a woven brown serving tray with handles. There is a blue napkin and a rose gold fork

Don’t have plain flour to hand?

Other flours, such as self-raising flour, will work for this recipe. If you want you can use gluten free flour too, though this may be a tiny bit crumblier texture wise.

Alternative flavour ideas:

I love to add a shot of *sugar free caramel syrup when I’m making a chocolate mug cake.

You could replace some of the chocolate spread, or all of it, with Biscoff. You may need to experiment with this though because Biscoff is quite thick versus chocolate spread.

Any coffee syrup or flavour drops would work great in this mixture, as would peppermint or even a sprinkle of cinnamon while you’re mixing the ingredients together.

Adding a dollop of peanut butter into the middle of the mixture before you microwave it would be lovely and then you could top it with some Reese’s pieces.

Air fryer cookies and a glass of milk

Great topping ideas:

This works great with vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream.

Whipped cream on the top is delicious. Either hand whipped cream or squirty cream would work great. You could add a dusting of cocoa powder to make it look nicer.

Fresh berries such as strawberries and raspberries are a great addition to the top of this. Chocolates chips go delicious with berries too.

My chocolate sauce (without cream) recipe would be tasty drizzled over the top, as would a caramel drizzle.

Fancy a different recipe? Check out some of my others:

A plate of air fryer smores - digestive biscuits with melted chocolate and marshmallows.

The wattage of the microwave that I use is 800W. You may need to adjust the cooking time slightly depending on the setting of your microwave.

My chocolate mug cake recipe:

3 ingredient chocolate mug cake close up
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3 ingredient mug cake

How to make a 3 ingredient mug cake in just 2 minutes.

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword cake, chocolate
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 1 minute
Total Time 2 minutes
Servings 1 serving
Calories 550 kcal
Author Katykicker


  • 80 g chocolate spread I use a cheap version of Nutella
  • 1 egg large
  • 30 g plain flour


  1. Get a mug. Make sure it is microwave safe!

  2. Place the chocolate spread into the mug. If you’re lazy and don’t want to weigh 80g then go for 5 tablespoons and a little dash more.
  3. Crack the egg in. Mix it well.
  4. Add the flour. Mix this round until everything has been mixed together well. This only takes a few seconds of effort and makes sure that your 3 ingredient mug cake cooks correctly.
  5. Place in the microwave for 50-60 seconds. My microwave is 750w and I find that 60 seconds is perfect when using a slightly smaller mug. With this mug I needed 70 seconds. However, err on the side of caution. Watch the microwave and do not let the cake overflow. If the cake goes to overflow then turn the microwave off immediately.
  6. That’s it! Serve it alone, with ice cream, dust it with icing sugar, whatever. It’s a tasty way to have a nice treat after dinner, without breaking the bank. It IS high in calories, because of the chocolate spread and flour, but it tastes delicious so enjoy!
Nutrition Facts
3 ingredient mug cake
Amount Per Serving
Calories 550
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Note: All calorie information is for demonstration purposes only and is based on the specific uncooked ingredients that I used when creating the recipe.

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3 ingredient mug cake in a mug
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.