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40 great ideas for your Yumbox

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Being organised is something that I love. It helps me feel in control, allows our family life to run smoothly and it even helps us make healthier decisions. Meal planning keeps us away from the too regular takeaways and I like to spend time each evening thinking about our meals for the following day. For the last month or so I have been giving my 4-year-old a Yumbox, most days, for lunch. I like to fill it with a wide variety of foods and today I want to share 40 great Yumbox ideas! Skip straight to the end if you’d like to download my free printable! 

40 great ideas for your Yumbox - a look at one of the Yumboxes I have made for Daisy
How cute is this?

Being able to give my daughter a variety of foods is really important to me. Daisy has FPIES, which means she has allergies to dairy, wheat, soya, chicken and coconut. This can mean that foods are a little restrictive for us. By filling up her Yumbox most days I know she has lots of choice and is happy. I try to find a good balance each day between sweet treats and healthier food. I struggle a little more than most, with the various foods that Daisy can’t have. Making up a Yumbox has helped me to feel back in control of mealtimes and also use up leftovers too.

What is a Yumbox?

A Yumbox is a fantastic leakproof Bento lunchbox. We have two types, the *Panino which has 4 slots and the *Classic which has 6 slots. The Classic is more suited to children, as it offers more variety. The Panino is perfect for children and adults. We’ve got two Panino Yumboxes and one Classic. This means we can pack lots of treats for family picnics and have a great variety.

Another Yumbox I made for Daisy to enjoy for lunch

Why do I love the Yumbox?

I have been converted. The first one I bought, the Classic, was £25. I was a little worried that it was too expensive, for a lunchbox, but it’s fantastic. It doesn’t leak and the variety has been fantastic for Daisy. Having lots of different food to choose from means that Daisy is eating a healthier variety of foods.

I ordered the two Yumboxes pictured above from Eat WellI received one free and one discounted in exchange for a feature elsewhere. I have also ordered another Yumbox from Amazon previously. I’m loving our Yumboxes and packing Daisy a special lunch several days a week.

I love that the Yumbox has a single lid, that is attached. There is a tray, which can be removed for cleaning, and it is very simple to put back in place. It fits snugly and I don’t have to worry about it falling out when Daisy is eating her lunch out of the box. For me, it is great to be able to cut back on cling film and I love that Daisy can open the latch by herself. So far, more than a month in, she hasn’t got bored of opening the lid to see what is contained inside. Also, if she sees me making her lunch up the night before she starts bouncing around and getting excited to eat her lunch!

40 great ideas for your Yumbox

Fruits (Make sure to slice grapes, cherry tomatoes etc for little ones)


Hard-boiled eggs





Brioche Roll


Mini pancakes


Banana bread

Malt loaf

Sausage Roll

Cocktail sausages

Pinwheels (Why not make my dairy-free pinwheels)

Dried cereal (Cheerios or similar)

Mini pizza


Cheese (Babybel, Cheese string or cubes of cheese)

Ham slices



Meat or vegetable kebab






Tortilla chips (homemade tortillas)


Rice cakes




Wasabi Peas



Cereal Bar

Fruit roll-up

So there you have it – 40 great Yumbox ideas!

We love these Yumboxes!

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Click below to download my free printable

40 great ideas for your Yumbox - free printable

Daisy is a big fan of her Yumbox. Personally, I know the price is quite pricey for a lunchbox but the quality really speaks for itself. The clasp works perfectly every time and it is leakproof too – which is fantastic. Being able to offer a wide variety of different food groups in one lunch is fantastic. I love that I can use up lots of tiny bits of leftovers too.

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40 great ideas for your Yumbox from Katykicker. Make lunchboxes and lunch time fun with this great list of ideas. #lunchboxideas #yumbox #bentobox #bento #lunches #frugal #food
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Monday 24th of September 2018

Thank you for this post!! I’ve really been struggling with what to put in my sons lunch box and there are so great ideas where!xx


Sunday 30th of September 2018

Oh you're so welcome Wendy! x


Thursday 20th of September 2018

It's fantastic. Haha I'm a fussy adult too so I feel this completely! x


Thursday 20th of September 2018

I started doing more batch cooking, to use those up, so I could justify the yumbox! x


Thursday 20th of September 2018

They are so easy aren't they! x


Thursday 20th of September 2018

It's great! My little girl is always desperate for lunchtime now! x