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5 easy ways to reduce your food waste!

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Today I’m hosting a guest post from Zoe Morrison. Zoe Morrison blogs over at, runs a friendly Facebook group for people who want to reduce their food waste –  and is currently writing a book – The Ecothrifty Kitchen (how to save money and the environment by reducing waste in your kitchen). I’m really hopeful that this post, and Zoe’s group, can help my readers save a nice bit of money and reduce food waste.

Tips to reduce food waste

Photo credit: Zoe Morrison / Ecothriftyliving

Would you ever even vaguely consider taking £700 in cash and throwing it in the bin without giving it a backwards glance? I’m guessing the answer is a big no, yet the average UK family routinely throws away £700 worth of food a year. It’s crazy isn’t it! It gets worse, it is also costing tax payers money to look after it in landfill for years after the food has been thrown away – these sites need to be monitored closely after they have been closed because of hazards like methane produced by the food dumped in landfill and the potential for polluted ground water. We don’t want to waste our money spent on food and pollute our environment throwing food away, so it’s pretty obvious that we need to stop wasting food.

Food waste

Photo credit: Zoe Morrison / Ecothriftyliving

The problem is that we don’t always know how to, but I have a few tips that can help:

  1. Admit there is a problem. Lots of people think they don’t throw food away, but even people who really good at avoiding food waste still throw food away occasionally. Pay attention to the food you are throwing away and work out how much it is costing you.
  2. Only buy what you need! This is especially important when it comes to fresh foods that only have a short shelf life as they can go off quickly.
  3. Freeze leftovers and anything you won’t be able to use up in time, almost all foods can be frozen as long as you only freeze foods once raw and once cooked. Liquids and purees like milk, wine, juice or even eggs can be frozen in ice cube trays.
  4. Don’t be bamboozled by dates. The only date that should be stuck to when it comes to food is the use by date. Other dates might mean that the food was produced on that date or needs to be sold by that date or is best before that date and should be ignored when it comes to food safety. When foods have those kinds of dates on them you need to use your judgement as to whether they are ok to eat or not.
  5. If you have questions ask a friend or someone in this friendly and helpful Facebook group for people who want to reduce their food waste.

Reducing your food waste can be done by making some simple changes to your habits and it is such a satisfying way to help the environment whilst saving you money!

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5 easy ways to reduce your food waste. Find out how to save money, cut food waste and join a great zero waste Facebook group

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Friday 24th of March 2017

I've really been enjoying Zoe's Facebook group - lots of great tips and regular reminders to reduce waste and work on it regularly.