5 Fun Ideas for Alternative Corporate Events (AD)

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AD. Corporate events are all part and parcel of the regular office routine. From company outings to meetings, conferences and exhibitions, there are plenty of opportunities for getting out and about, socialising and networking within the specific industry your business is in.

5 Fun Ideas for Alternative Corporate Events 1

Whether you are an employer or an employee, corporate events will always be there demanding attention. For entrepreneurs or those with start-up business ventures, corporate events are an ideal way to network within the industry, making and maintaining connections with competitors and influencers alike. For employers, corporate events are a great opportunity to boost levels of motivation and productivity at work, acting as a reward for a job well done. And lastly, for employees, they are the perfect excuse to escape the confines of the day job and the never-ending list of daily tasks requiring attention.

However, since there are so many corporate events to be attended, the novelty will soon wear off. So whether you are looking to host a corporate event for team building, client integration or simply as a celebration, here are five fun and creative ideas to jazz up your next event.

Traditional Fun and Games 

There’s nothing that quite beats tradition, and familiar sports day favourites are still a great way to encourage teamwork and friendly competition. Hire out a hall or head outdoors if the summer weather is kind to you, and plan a series of traditional activities and events. From the three-legged dash to sack races, allow everyone to relive the fond memories of school sports day by dividing guests into teams to then compete against one another during the course of the activities you have planned.

Fun Casino Night

Parties are a great way to encourage everyone to mingle and socialise with people they wouldn’t normally talk to. Ramp up the enjoyment another notch and introduce a fun activity to the evening to keep everyone entertained. A casino theme party is a great way for everyone to have fun while trying their hand at something new. From traditional card games to new or more informal games, there is plenty of choices to customise the evening to suit you and your event.

Murder Mystery 

Who doesn’t love a murder mystery night? Although these tend to work better with smaller groups, there are endless opportunities to tailor the evening to your needs. Pick a theme that suits you, prepare a delicious meal to enjoy throughout the course of the night’s entertainment, and ensure everyone dresses up in the spirit of the occasion!

5 Fun Ideas for Alternative Corporate Events 2


Unwind, let your hair down and embrace your inner big kid with an enjoyable evening of trampolining! Head out to one of the many indoor trampoline parks across the country and allow everyone to de-stress in style! Fun corporate events like this are an excellent way to encourage motivation. Also, they help to refresh employees ready to tackle the next big challenge head on.

Scavenger Hunt

Whether it is a small-scale hunt or a full on scavenger challenge, these activities offer a great way to boost your team’s competitiveness while encouraging positive and beneficial traits like speediness, communication and teamwork. A particularly fun way to include a scavenger hunt in your next corporate event is to plan a trail for teams to follow around your chosen venue, or indeed further afield. Add in a small prize for the winning team and watch everyone compete to claim the top spot!

While corporate events are always hosted for a professional purpose, there is no reason to suck all the joy out of the day. Make yours a fun event to be remembered for all the right reasons and try something a little different!

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  1. Francesca - From Pennies to Pounds May 25, 2017 / 3:25 pm

    These are great ideas! In my office we’ve been trying to think of a team building event that we can do, I really want to It’s a Knockout!

    • katykicker May 26, 2017 / 8:00 am

      Its a knockout sounds brilliant!!! Gladiators? You could go to Crystal Maze experience?

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