5 Things at Home with a Negative Energy (AD)

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AD. It happens that when interacting with a specific item, you begin to feel discomfort. A lump may come up to the throat, tension appears in the body, bad premonitions overcome, etc. This item immediately begins to refer to things with bad energy. 

So, here are 5 types of things that we most often endow with negativity:

1. Things related to unpleasant events

It is important to understand that your reaction to this subject can be a good reason to work on yourself. For example, you may be saddened by some things from your childhood. Ask yourself why? Perhaps there is a situation or memories that you still have not experienced. You can get rid of this thing, but the burden of the past will not go anywhere. Start moving towards getting rid of your negativity. A striking indicator that you are on the right track will be a decrease in the emotional reaction to this subject. 

2. A thing related to a person

These include things that belonged to already departed loved ones. Or the person who caused you a lot of pain. The first things are better not to throw out. Sooner or later, the pain from the loss passes and the thing eventually will cause a slight sadness, nostalgia and warmth, from the fact that this person was with you.

3. There is still a certain sort of things that are better to donate or resell

These include: unsuccessful purchases, unnecessary gifts. You always feel discomfort from them both in your home and in your soul. But for some, these things can become an object of adoration or significantly make life easier. You will feel real joy and satisfaction if you give something to someone who will really appreciate it.

4. Things passed down from generation to generation

To many, they seem very heavy in terms of energy. Particularly suspicious people think that this thing has wrapped itself in all the negative of the genus and you cannot escape evil karma. 

5. Broken things, things with defects, dirty carpets and pieces of furniture 

Here you need to act selectively. If this is a normal functional thing – throw it away while thinking. Throw away all the clothes that have lost color and rolled into spools, have holes and severe deformations. These things lower you down to the very fact of your existence in your home.

If you are surrounded by dirty upholstery and carpets with suspicious smell, then for sure you won’t feel relaxed in your home. Actually, many people who don’t like being in their homes and postpone the moment when they have to go home, are those ones who don’t take care for the cleanliness of their pieces of furniture and carpets. 

No matter how fluffy and comfortable carpets are, especially in winter, they are the biggest collectors of dust in our homes. For that reason, you should pay special attention on them. 

We know what stressful and time-taking activity carpet cleaning is, and for that reason it is a good advice to use professional carpet cleaning services at least once every 3 months. If you are organizing a party, if your children have painted the carpet, using your lipstick or if you have huge ink stain on your lovely white carpet, then it is time to call Prolux Cleaning. They can be quite helpful in overcoming such unpleasant situations and removing the carpet from the list of items with bad energy in your home.

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