5 things I LOVE about Water Babies!

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We received discounted swimming lessons in exchange for this coverage. My daughter and I have been attending Water Babies for a few months now. It is fair to say that we are fans of the lessons. This is evident from looking at our Instagram feed or even watching this YouTube video of Daisy having her underwater photoshoot! Daisy has learned a lot already from Water Babies and we are into chapter 2 now. Today I want to share with you 5 things I LOVE about Water Babies!

1 – Our Water Babies instructor Debbie

Our Water Babies instructor Debbie (her official name!) is absolutely lovely. Debbie is friendly, confident and makes me feel empowered when I am engaging in swimming lessons with my daughter Daisy. Daisy loves Debbie too and I regularly see her smiling at Debbie from across the pool – a sure sign of the bond that they created during chapter 1 swimming lessons.

Debbie uses sign language and is always on hand to help with getting my baby in and out of the pool safely. No question is ever a stupid one and Debbie is great at giving people confidence when they are starting out with the lessons.

2 – Seeing Daisy swimming underwater

This is one of my favourite parts of the entire week. Daisy seems to love going underwater now. When I say ‘Daisy, ready, go’ she will hold her breath now, ready to go underwater. This is fantastic, at just 8 months old, and makes me reassured that Daisy loves the lessons too. Also, this meant that we got AMAZING photos at our photoshoot recently – I can’t wait to receive them!

There is something so magical about seeing my daughter underwater, and being able to go down and look at her too. This is always a great part of the lesson for me and last week my daughter laughed as she came out – so she clearly enjoys it!

Water Babies photoshoot - Daisy is underwater!

A little sneak peek of our underwater photoshoot!

3. The reassurance that I am working to keep Daisy safe

This is a big part of the need for swimming lessons at a young age for me. When we are participating in the swimming lessons we are teaching our little ones to be safe. My daughter is only 8 months old and already she is learning to get to the edge of the swimming pool and hold on. This is a long process, of course, but it is amazing to see.

I love knowing that we can go on holiday as a family and Daisy will be learning the skills that she needs to keep safe should the worst happen. Just look at this great post about how a little one used her skills in a potentially dangerous situation.

4 – Seeing other parents at Water Babies

I’m not really a fan of parenting groups and the like. I did try them before. I know you can’t tar everyone with the same brush but I don’t want to spend £100s a month to be sitting around with a group of people who are competing all the time.

What I love about the other parents at Water Babies is that we are all learning at the same pace. We are all practicing the same songs and movements in the pool. Nobody is competing and we are all just there to enjoy swimming and teach our children a life skill. Plus the safety aspect of course.

5 – Having an excuse for me time

As a parent I am sometimes guilty of not finding enough time for myself. Between running my home, and my self-employment, I am always occupied. At least it seems that way. Throw in family, my husband, our allotment, our pets AND Daisy and I’m VERY occupied!

After attending our lessons I always make sure I find time for a nice soak in the bath and to blow dry and straighten my hair properly. The good feeling from a nice hair day usually lasts for a couple of days, at least. This makes up for the days when I rush out the door having barely found time to brush my hair, let alone wash it.

It is probably clear to see that we really enjoy our Water Babies lessons. We have our lessons in Harlow, Essex and our local branch is the London North East one.

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  1. katykicker January 11, 2017 / 9:06 pm

    Thank you so much. Glad you found a great group! We went swimming again today, my daughter absolutely loves it.

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