5 ways that I try to get myself a good nights sleep

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Being a parent to a vibrant, wonderful, LOUD one year old means that I am often tired. The days are long but the years are short, as the lovely NomiPalony says. Sleep is something that has become almost an obsession for me since becoming a parent. I feel like I NEVER get enough sleep, and to try and combat this I do all that I can to get myself a good nights sleep. Today I want to share with you 5 ways that I try to get myself a good nights sleep.

5 ways that I try to get myself a good nights sleep

Switch off devices

This is quite a simple way to help ensure that I get a good nights sleep. Around one hour before bed I try to switch off devices. This doesn’t always work of course, however, just being away from my laptop for an hour helps me begin to wind down. I do still use my phone sometimes, to check on urgent things, or play games, but I spend a lot less time looking at screens which certainly helps.

Use essential oils

Using essential oils, in a diffuser and on my bedding really help me to sleep. I love lavender in particular but I also love essential oils within products such as those sold by New Directions Aromatics Essential Oils. Being able to light a candle, or use a pure oil, is something that I really enjoy and it feels like an indulgent way to wind down for a good nights sleep.

Have a comfortable bed

This is really important to me. Ever since we got our Hush Mattress I have been sleeping better than ever. Making the bed comfortable, with comfortable pillows and plush bedding has really helped change how well I sleep. No longer do I buy the cheapest pillows and duvet. Instead I go for higher quality products as these really do benefit me with extra sleep.

Stick to a regular bedtime routine

While I don’t always go to sleep at the same time I always ensure that I stick to the same bedtime routine. This helps me ensure a good nights sleep and also means I look after my skin and body well. I always have a wash, brush my teeth, comb my hair through and use skincare products. I remove any make up and I make sure my kitchen is tidy before bed. This means I can sleep in a little longer in the morning and wake when my daughter does. Most days at least. 

Avoid caffeine near bedtime

A few months ago I realised that I was consuming caffeinated drinks near to bedtime. While I don’t typically drink coffee after lunch anyway I was still having the occasional soft drink or alcoholic drink. A lot of these contain caffeine and this has a negative effect on me sleeping properly. By cutting these out I have been able to stop staying awake staring into space quite so frequently. I feel better for reducing my caffeine intake too.

For me a good nights sleep is the key to being happy, healthier and performing well in my day to day life. Even if I only get 5-6 hours to sleep, which is often the case, I want to ensure that my sleep is the best quality it can be.

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  1. katykicker June 21, 2017 / 5:17 pm

    Yeah I’m bad sometimes too – easily done isn’t it.

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