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5 years time – A look at what I want to achieve by 2022

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5 years ago I would never have predicted where my life would be now. My husband & I were newly married and I hated my job. I didn’t enjoy all of my life, as I suffered infertility. There were some issues in our family and everything just felt a little bit rough around the edges still. Fast forward 5 years and we have a daughter, a home, lots of money in the bank, better health and our marriage is the strongest it has ever been. I would never have been able to predict that I would be working for myself full time, or that I would be making this much money. Today I’m having a bit of a dream and thinking about 5 years time.

5 years time

Location in 5 years time

I assume we will still be in Essex. My husband and I have spoke about moving further afield a fair few times. The houses where we live are SO expensive. With a modest 2 bedroom now costing over £250,000. Assuming that property prices don’t suddenly drop, and keep rising, we may find it hard to buy here, and be mortgage free by 40. As we have family here, and Daisy has ties here now too, I assume we will stay right here in Essex. If I was dreaming I would love to move to the country, in a big house, and have a ton of land for Daisy to explore and to write my blog posts from.

I’d like us to own our own home and have a loan to value of less than 50% by then. I’m hoping when we buy that our LTV will be below 50% already, but I don’t want to put too much pressure on us.

Career in 5 years time

I’m going to still be doing what I do now. In some capacity. While my blog will hopefully be more popular then I hope that I will have added some more strings to my bow. I would personally like to help out with a charity more, and give more of my work time to helping others. My career is already one that I absolutely love. I’d love to still be writing, and growing exponentially as time goes on.

5 years time - holidays

Travel in 5 years time

As we have Daisy, and she will be 6.5 in 5 years time, I will hope that we will have visited Disneyland or DisneyWorld at least once. Also, I’d love to take my husband to see the Northern Lights. Paris is on our wishlist too – for 2017! I hope we can make it as there isn’t much time left this year!

Finances in 5 years time

We are already pretty stable now. We have a disaster fund. Also, we have a huge house deposit in the bank. I hope that our home purchase will have gone ahead and we will be working hard on paying off our mortgage. Adding more money to our pension funds is a must as well! Daisy already has a nice amount of money in her savings but I would like to have money already saved for her wedding, first car or first year at University. Who knows how high University fees will be if Daisy chooses to go to University. It would be nice to have a huge chunk of money in the bank to offer her when the time is right.

5 years time - a look to the future

Family in 5 years time

Another baby will hopefully have come along for us by then. It took 7 years to conceive Daisy, but partly this was due to being pushed from pillar to post by the NHS. As our financial situation is so healthy now I imagine we will try for around 1 year, and if no joy then we will pay for private fertility help. It took so long for me to finally be able to start fertility medication, and then another 4 months to fall pregnant with Daisy, that I had almost given up on us ever having a family.

Now I’ve got the implant fitted, as we live in a one bedroom flat and another baby would not be a great idea yet. Given that Daisy is already 17 months old and the last few years have flown by I can’t wait to see what 5 years time brings us!

So there you have it. A look at where I hope our lives will be in 5 years time. I’m sure my husband and I will still be married, and happy. My career feels like the lifetime one for me and I’m hopeful that I will always continue working for myself in some capacity. There are some other changes that I would like to see but they are just smaller things like some more weight loss…

5 years time - Daddy and Daisy

In 5 years time I want my family to be happy, healthy and live in our own home!

I love to read about the goals and dreams of other bloggers. I’m tagging Donna from What The Redhead Said, Hollie from Thrifty Mum, Jen from Just Average Jen, Amy from The Smallest of Things and Chermaine from Modern Money Life.

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5 years time - where we want to be. Find out about our family, financial and career goals for 5 years time

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Sunday 4th of February 2018

Ha, thanks so much! x


Sunday 19th of November 2017

Nothing wrong with a dream is there! You can achieve it!

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