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8 reasons why I love blogging

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Ten years ago my life was so different from what it is now. I didn’t have a permanent place to live. I was in debt. Being able to pay for food shopping and pay for the bus to work was a real daily concern.

(AD) Five years ago life was getting much better and I was making money online, paying down debt and building a future with my lovely husband.

Now I can hardly believe all the changes in my life and the things that blogging has done for me. Here are my 8 reasons why I love blogging!

8 reasons why I love blogging

I’m there for my family

No matter the event, the day or the time I can be there for my family. Being able to attend a last-minute day out, a wedding, a funeral, help someone with childcare or a job is important to me.

I’m there for my family whenever they need me. I love that I can turn down work if it doesn’t fit in with my family. When I started working for myself it was because I wanted to make a better life for myself and my family.

I can share my story

This blog is about everything and anything that I want to talk about. I decide the content that appears on it. If I want to share a recipe I can. It doesn’t matter if my photographs aren’t magazine worthy.

My readers like me for me, mostly, and enjoy reading my stories. When I share personal posts, such as writing about grief as a parent, I had lovely messages from readers that really helped to uplift me.

When I was talking about the reality of living with FPIES I met other allergy bloggers and this sparked the idea for a new allergy related website!

People find my content useful

When I share recipes I get nice comments. When writing about ways to make money online people get in touch to talk about what they have done with the extra money.

I will never forget the first lovely message that someone sent me, talking about how they had afforded a family holiday for the first time since their husband left. I felt so proud that I had written content that was useful, honest and people like it enough to share it.

I’ve made some fantastic friends

One of the main reasons why I love blogging is that I have found some fantastic friends. Some are people on a similar path to me, monetising their blog, making money from affiliate marketing and enjoying working with brands.

Being able to speak to my friends, who understand some of the worries that come with blogging, and get advice, has been invaluable.

The first couple of years I was blogging I was targeted by a small group of bloggers online who would talk negatively about me in their group chat. It was very bitchy and once I realised what I had been sucked into I distanced myself, blocked those people and set about finding people more on my level.

Since I wrote about the 5 types of online troll you are likely to encounter as a blogger I’ve developed a very thick skin and my friends have helped with this.

Now I am surrounded by people that want to support and uplift. I read a quote recently that said you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so I must be doing pretty good!

Thomas and me looking into the camera wearing coats outside with text overlay that says self-care as a parent

Social media is part of my job

Being able to chat online, share photographs and post my random thoughts is part of my job! Being and nurturing my social media channels if something that I love.

Every day I speak to my followers on Instagram stories. I share daily Instagram photographs and I dip my toe into Twitter at least a few times most days. If I want to gather information or advice on something then I feel lucky that my followers often chat with me and share their opinions and experiences.

It doesn’t matter if I’m ill

I suffer from a couple of chronic illnesses and don’t have to worry about calling in sick, having too many absences or anything else that comes along with a regular job.

No longer do I have a manager who kindly says ‘you’re always ill‘ when I ring in sick, again. If I’m REALLY ill then I can time off as need be. Yes, there is no sick pay but I also don’t have to worry that I don’t sound ill enough, despite being in agony.

I’m always learning something new

There is never an end to the knowledge. One of the reasons why I love blogging is that you can always learn something else.

Whether it is how to take nice photographs, how to automate some of the less fun aspects or just ways to make Google love blogging too, the learning never ends!

I love to take courses, network and share knowledge with friends. When I learned how to trademark a blog name it was just the start o my learning experiences with my blog!

I can be myself

Whatever I want to write about I can say pretty much anything I want. I’m able to express my opinions about products, good or bad, and I choose what I write.

If a brand wants me to write a specific post, and I don’t want to, then I can decline. I’ve been able to choose not to link to websites that I don’t support. I don’t feel guilty when I turn down work that isn’t a good fit either.

When I’m on social media people say that they find my stories and posts motivating, inspirational and positive. I try and spread good cheer through each day and spend time engaging with others. If I want to swear in a post I can. If I want to share only photographs of my daughter I can do that.

Katy reads a book titled "Just One Thing" while sitting in the garden with a half drunk latte. In the background is a wooden fence and patio furniture.

I love blogging!

I love blogging so much. It has been life-changing. I have been afforded a lot of money can’t buy experiences already. We’ve been gifted some wonderful items from brands and I’ve been invited to attend some fantastic events.

I’m often able to take a trip to London for brand meetings and see friends while there. These events allow me to network with others, who also love blogging, and share our experiences with one another. I’m so grateful for being home for my daughter Daisy, after waiting 7 years for her!

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Wednesday 27th of October 2021

Sent a RT your way on Twitter, I've been marketing blog content for over 14 years now with Blog Engage and I have truly enjoyed meeting so many amazing people/bloggers. I am also a stay at home parent, 2 boys raised from blogging money! Nice to meet you Katy.


Monday 1st of November 2021

Thanks so much, have given you a follow back! x

Angela Webster

Tuesday 1st of January 2019

Great reasons to love blogging Katy ! I love the community that surrounds blogging and have met some lovely people who have become good friends both on and offline. Thanks for the motivation, you definitely inspire people to get off their butt's and get stuff done. All the best for 2019 x


Tuesday 1st of January 2019

Ahh thanks so much Angela, that is such a lovely comment to leave me! Happy New Year and I hope 2019 is a fantastic year for us both x

Kim Carberry

Sunday 30th of December 2018

Blogging is wonderful and I love it too. I can't remember what I did with my spare time before it and can't imagine not blogging now. You really are inspirational. My teen watches you on Insta-stories every day and thinks you are amazing!


Tuesday 1st of January 2019

Oh Kim! That's such a lovely comment to share with me! Thank you so much. I'm so glad you love blogging too x

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