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Affordable egg donation for UK patients  (AD)

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AD. Today I’ve got a collaborative guest post for you from Egg Donation Friends. As someone who had fertility treatment myself, to have my daughter Daisy, I hope this will be useful for someone out there!

Egg donation – who is it for? The majority of fertility patients interested in egg donation treatment are female patients over 38 or 40 years of age, patients with poor response to hormonal stimulation of ovaries, low AMH results or low-quality eggs. If you live in the UK, have been trying to conceive for over two years and are under 40, you are eligible for a maximum of 3 IVF cycles on the NHS. However, if you are over 40, you can have only one free IVF cycle.

Daisy at one day old - Global FPIES Day

You need to know that Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have their own regulations and criteria and it may happen that you will not be eligible for free treatment depending on where in the UK you live. And what if this one free cycle fails? If you are determined to continue your fertility journey, you will probably go private. There are many private IVF clinics in the UK and Europe that offer a broad range of fertility treatments and procedures like IVF with own eggs, egg donation programs (fresh and frozen eggs), ICSI, PISCI, Embryo Culture, Assisted Hatching, and many more.

While IVF and egg donation are widely available in the British fertility hospitals, this type of treatment, especially fresh donor egg program, can be very expensive. If you are a fertility patient you need to pay not only for the egg donation package (which includes egg retrieval, fertilization, embryo culture and transfer) but also for all additional medication (hormones), scans, blood tests, syringes, etc. that are usually not included in the package price. Bear in mind that if the egg donation program costs £5,000-7,000, you may end up paying even £13,000 after adding up all the extra costs. To understand the costs and the nature of the treatment read about the egg donation process.

So how to find egg donation treatment on a budget?

  1. Start with an online search and compare offers. Nowadays most IVF clinics have their own websites where they list the procedures they do. Choose a clinic which has the most modern technologies and offers all the newest IVF procedures. You never know if you might need them, and in case a clinic does not offer a certain procedure you will be stuck with it with lower chances of success for pregnancy.
  2. Check online fertility agencies and organizations that help patients find affordable egg donation options. Usually, their services are free. The consultants can help you understand more about the process, give advice on how to choose a clinic and how not to choose a clinic and what to pay attention to when comparing egg donation program prices.
  3. Look for egg or embryo guarantees in the clinics’ offers. Egg or embryo guarantee means that you should get the number of eggs or embryos specified in the program description. Embryo guarantee, though slightly more expensive, will save you money on the long run as you will be certain how many embryo transfers you can count on.
  4. Check affordable IVF clinics abroad. Fertility clinics in Europe, mainly Spain, Greece, Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic, are extremely popular with British and German patients. Why? Egg donation program in Europe can cost you less than in the UK (£4,000 instead of £7,000) plus medication expenses, accommodation and flight cost. Are you worried you would have to travel to the clinic a few times? In most cases, patients need to travel only two times (for their egg retrieval and embryo transfer). Moreover, the UK has very good flight connections to Europe and you can find cheap airplane tickets with budget airlines from £50.

The above tips can help you find egg donation program at a good price. Is it worth spending so much time on research? Yes, definitely! The average success rate of egg donation program can be even 60%. Good luck on your journey!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.