Aims for December 2017 – the results

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Well just like that another year is over. Wow. Where does the time go? I know, I know, I know, I say this ALL THE TIME! So annoying really but there you go! Anyway, my Aims for December 2017 results post is now live.

Aims for December 2017 - the results

Aims for December 2017 – the results

Home aims for December 2017 – the results

Try 3 new recipes in December. Achieved. I even found time to blog one of the recipes. Salted caramel sauce – yum!

Sell or donate 20 items. Achieved. Managed this straight up with my Christmas donation to the food bank. Felt SO proud! Anyway, I’ve since donated some clothes to a friend and some items to the charity shop. Also, I sorted some bits out for my Mum too!

Meal plan all month. Achieved. It was a CLOSE SHAVE! I had to meal plan in Aldi just before Christmas, as things were that busy here…! Oops. Still, I made a list of meals based on what we had and then just bought some extra bits.

De-clutter under the bed and in my wardrobe. Achieved. The wardrobe was super easy as I just sorted all the Christmas presents for Thomas out! Yay! Under the bed took no time at all as it turned out it was pretty organised already. Thank you past Katy! 

Make a decoration for the Christmas tree. Achieved. We made three decorations, however, we didn’t even put the Christmas tree up this year. This was by choice, as we are limited on space, and I’m hoping next year things can go back to normal – hopefully in our own house!

Financial aims for December 2017 – the results

Spend less than £350 on groceries. Achieved. Was really pleased with this. Also, Thomas & my Mum both gave £50 towards Christmas food. So that was a result! And unexpected!

Make money from matched bettingAchieved. Only just, but I didn’t hit it hard this month.

Add £250 to my Amazon account. Achieved. So pleased with this one – meant I got Thomas’ Christmas presents for free! Well, I exchanged them for the time I suppose…!

Online aims for December 2017 – the results

Hit 10,000 on my Twitter. Failed. Oops. Nevermind!

Hit 850 on my PinterestAchieved. Yay! Thanks to anyone who has followed me lately.

Hit 3,300 on my InstagramFailed. Oops again. Just not feeling it at the moment.

Have my completed posts above 50 for the end of December. Achieved. Getting ready for my Mum’s open heart surgery, as the date should be coming up fairly soon.

Re-purpose 15 old posts. Achieved. I used a few posts for Christmas too to save me writing more.

Personal aims for December 2017 – the results

Exercise every day. Achieved. Yay! I had a weak ankle, and a bad cold and deafness in one ear but I kept it up, just!

Donate another box of items to the food bank ready for January. Achieved. I’m looking to doing this regularly now.

Write a new bucket list for 2018. Achieved. This will be live this week so look out for it won’t you!

I’m really excited for 2018. This week Daisy is starting nursery twice a week, so that will give me more time to work on blog content and things that I want to do. Also, I’ll have a little more time for relaxing which is nice.

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  1. Starlight and Stories December 31, 2017 / 7:19 am

    I really need to give meal planning a go properly. Time to get organised. Well done you for sticking to it.

    • katykicker December 31, 2017 / 8:33 am

      We’ve got a meal planning linky starting on Friday if you want to join in! x

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