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Aims for December 2017

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Wow – December… ALREADY?! Mad! I love this time of year, and the colder weather, so I’m really excited for this month. My aims aren’t going to be quite as big as normal months, but I will be back with a bigger month of aims in January. Anyway, here we go, my aims for December 2017.

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Home aims for December 2017

Try 3 new recipes in December.

Sell or donate 20 items. Should be easy with a pre-Christmas de-clutter of Daisy’s toys and my wardrobe.

Meal plan all month. Want to avoid getting sucked in to buying tons of items ‘just because it is Christmas’ and then eating them until February!

De-clutter under the bed and in my wardrobe. I want some space back for a delivery I have coming next week.

Make a decoration for the Christmas tree. I did this last year and really enjoyed it! However, at this point I’m not actually sure if the Christmas tree will even be going up!

Financial aims for December 2017

Spend less than £350 on groceries. I’ve added an extra £100 for Christmas. I don’t mind if we over-spend, however, going to try hard with this aim as it is just wasteful!

Make money from matched betting. Should be easy, as I’m not going to be working for all of December, just some of it, so I’ll have more time for matched betting.

Add £250 to my Amazon account. Looking to start the new year with a bang, with new cleaning products and maybe a new gadget or two!

Online aims for December 2017

Hit 10,000 on my Twitter. Trying to end the year on a high! If you don’t already follow me I would love it if you could.

Hit 850 on my Pinterest. I’m getting 100,000 of impressions o Twitter now so that is good.

Hit 3,300 on my Instagram. This is a 3% increase so hoping I can achieve it.

Have my completed posts above 50 for the end of December. I’ve got 50+ ready now but I want to get this back above 50 by the end of December as I’m having some time off and don’t want January’s posts to be rubbish as a consequence!

Re-purpose 15 old posts. I’ve been updating old posts, adding in new links, new Pinterest images etc, and then sometimes sharing them on my social media.

Personal aims for December 2017

Exercise everyday. I’ve found this has been great for my morale, and I’m sleeping better too. I want to continue this in December. Just 15-30 minutes every single day of actual targeted exercise. Not just walking to town or whatever.

Donate another box of items to the food bank ready for January. January is going to be a bleak time for a lot of people so I want to donate to the food bank again to try and help out.

Write a new bucket list for 2018. We achieved so much in 2017 that I want to have even more fun in 2018!

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Find out what I want to achieve with my Aims for December 2017. I'm sharing my personal, online, financial and home based aims for December 2017.

A Macbook and a text overlay of aims for November 2017 - the results
Aims for November 2017 – the results
A Christmas tree decoration on a real fir tree
Christmas decorations from Amazon

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