Aims for April 2017 – the results

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My Birthday has now been and gone. April is already over. My daughter is growing up so much and things are looking up finally. I’ve been really unwell this month, and my daughter Daisy had a febrile convulsion. I’m looking forward to hopefully having a better May and seeing how things go for us. Anyway, here is my post on my aims for April 2017 – the results! Have a nosy at how I did and where I went wrong if you like that sort of thing.

Aims for April 2017 - the results

Aims for April 2017 – the results

Home aims for April 2017 – the results

Meal plan for the weeks we are working. Achieved. This was pretty easy. Just did some of our favourite meals from my repertoire. Best of all my lovely husband started using the slow cooker more too!

Use the slow cooker regularly. Achieved. As above – easy peasy! We love our slow cooker. It is so convenient to throw dinner in and then enjoy it hours later with no effort.

Re-vist some old recipes. Achieved. We enjoyed lots of our old favourite recipes. We had a beef keema, slow cooker pulled pork and then I used a rubber roast chicken. On top of this I did our favourite airfryer roast potatoes a couple of times and even jacket potatoes in the slow cooker!

Financial aims for April 2017 – the results

Add £250 to Amazon account. Achieved. All set for my husband to turn 30 now! Day out booked (theatre trip) and got a nice amount of Amazon to spend too!

Keep up savings challenges. Achieved. This is ticking over nicely, still. Quite surprised!

Make money matched bettingAchieved. Managed this, but only thanks to a big unexpected win. Without that I would have struggled because of being on holiday etc.

earn money from surveys. Achieved. Had some great surveys this month involving a virtual reality headset. These were very fun and some of them paid well too!

Additional money aims for April 2017 – the results

Make a loan on Kiva. Failed. I’ve fallen out of love with Kiva. This is mostly because of my random acts of kindness campaign. I’m spending more of my money on that instead and this is falling by the wayside. Time to leave it ticking over for the rest of the year I think and just make loans as money is returned.

Sell at least 10 items. Achieved. Had a clear out of Daisy’s clothes. Sent lots of goodies off to Ziffit too including some old CDs that we had in a box for several years!

Online aims for April 2017 – the results

Work on growing social media. Achieved. I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Grown around 4% on average, apart from Facebook. That has basically stagnated. However, I had some likes on there from a competition a while back and they seem to be disappearing in droves now. Thankfully! I’m pleased as these are from other countries and most of my content isn’t relevant to them. Engagement is key for me rather than actual numbers.

Schedule content for May. Achieved. I’ve done well here. Throughout the month now I just write the odd random post from a huge list that I keep. Add to this linkies that I take part in and a few paid collaborations along the way and I’m good for another month!

Enter 300 competitions. Achieved. This was achieved in the first few days of the month. I got bored soon after but I’ve had one small win already!

Personal aims for April 2017 – the results

Arrange to cross four items off our bucket list. Achieved. We have booked a theatre trip and afternoon tea. We also have just enjoyed our third holiday. Plus, I’ve paid £200 odd for our passports so that we can go to Paris later in the year! Now to work on losing some weight!

See my physiotherapist. Achieved. I’m back again on Tuesday. Can’t wait. I’m getting stronger and my back is getting better too! This is partly thanks to our new Hush mattress I think.

Enjoy 10 days off work throughout the month. Achieved. I was ill so this was surprisingly easy! Really easy. I am going to work on doing this more.

Me time!

Arrange to get my hair cut regularly. Achieved. I’m booked in for next week!

Book a spa day for me and a friend. Achieved. Went to the spa on my Birthday with my lovely husband. Best of all I didn’t have to pay! So good!

This has been a good month. I’ve achieved lots, we’ve stayed on track with money and I didn’t run out of money for our holiday. This is despite spending an unexpected £500 on a new bed base and bedding. I’m really pleased that I had enough money in my relevant accounts to pay for everything. We are doing great with money now and these aims really help to keep things on track!

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