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Aims for August 2020 – the results

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Hello! I hope you’re well. Another month draws to a close, and it is time for me to reflect on my goals and see what I have achieved in the past month.

A notebook and pen with text overlay that says Aims for August 2020 - the results

Aims for August 2020 – the results

Home aims for August 2020 – the results

Meal plan all month. Achieved! This went REALLY well! I actually did some batch cooking in the last month too. I had already stocked up my freezer with I with lots of great home made garlic breadsrollspizza doughslow cooker jacket potatoes and no yeast flatbreads. This meant we had lots of lunches that took just minutes to prepare, and this kept us on track! I made a big batch of my 15 minute spaghetti bolognese too which was great for both lunches and easy dinners.

Try 5 new recipes. Achieved! I’ve been LOVING trawling through my recipe books to find lots of great things to cook. Also, we had a couple of meal boxes from Hello Fresh (*Grab £46 off your first 3 boxes), Gousto (*50% off your first box and 30% off the rest of the month for new customers) and Mindful Chef (*£20 off for new customers) which helped too!

Use my *breadmaker for 2 new recipes.Achieved! I’ve not written them up, because they weren’t home created recipes, but I love the versatility of the breadmaker!

Soft white bread rolls on a cooling rack with text overlay that says Soft, floury white bread rolls

Complete TeamTomm daily to keep my home clean and tidy. Achieved! This has been fantastic (again!). Home feels so clean, fresh and organised. I’ve even filmed a couple of speed cleans for my Instagram stories too!

Do 15 hours of DIY and house jobs. Achieved! We’ve ticked quite a few bits off this month. Created a new area for our bins, so they hopefully will stop blowing into the road now, some paint work touch ups, a shelf in our hall has been painted, then just lots of little bits of caulking and ceiling touch ups. It feels like we’re actually going to finish everything by the end of the year!

Financial aims for August 2020 – the results

Complete 2 hours of matched betting each week. Achieved! I’ve done some smaller offers this month, as I have a couple of accounts that are gubbed now. I’ll never make the big money I did in 2016-7 now I don’t think but it’s a nice little income stream that doesn’t take a lot of effort!

Add £150 to my Amazon account so I can buy more items off my house wishlist. Failed. Whoops! I forgot about this to be honest! I’ve been cashing out for Paypal or Bank Transfers instead, as I’ve been working on paying back the last of my MacBook purchase to my savings.

Spend £300 or less on groceries. Achieved! I went to Lidl a few times this month. I used the Lidl Plus app to save £5 on one shop and get a couple of discounts. I also used my Hyperjar card to earn a little tiny bit of interest on the money I set aside!

Potatoes, tomatoes, celery and broccoli in a bowl with text overlay that says 50 moneysaving tips that really work!

Add £200 to my round up pot. Achieved! I used (Past AD) Plum and Chip again this month.

Pay the final money back to my savings I used to buy a new Macbook. Achieved! Yay! Now I can continue saving for a big financial goal next year!

Online aims for August 2020 – the results

Update 20 old posts. Achieved! It’s been great for boosting my traffic too!

Write 2 new recipes. Achieved! No yeast flatbreads, brown sugar BBQ sauce and air fryer tortilla chips. I’ve got so many recipes that I have tested 1 or 2 times now that I just want to test a couple more times before I photograph and write them up!

A brown sugar bbq sauce in a red Le Crueset ramekin

Complete 5 random acts of kindness online. Achieved! I love this! I also found a new small charity to support with a small monthly donation.

Personal aims for August 2020 – the results

8,000 steps daily. Achieved! It’s been a BIT of a struggle this month as I’ve had a couple of flare ups, but I managed it!

Read 2 books. Achieved! I’ve been using the library again finally, which is great, as I can add 100s of books to my list and it’ll let me know when they’re available for me!

4 workouts a week. Achieved! I’ve had to mix it up, again because of flare ups, but I’m really enjoying working out and sleeping better as a result too.

A hand holding an iPhone with £10 notes and a £20 note displayed on the screen with text overlay that says make money on the move with your mobile phone

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.