Aims for December 2018 – the results

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Merry Christmas! Haha! I can’t believe it is already the 1st of December. I’m SO excited for this month, but also for January too. I always feel like I achieve so much in December and January. I win at being a great wife, Mother and friend! I’m kind to myself, spend lots of time relaxing in hot baths and I treat myself too. Also, in January I get organised for the year ahead and I always reflect on what a great year the previous year has been. I feel like 2018 has been really kind to us and I hope this final month continues well.

Aims for December 2018 – the results

Home aims for December 2018 – the results

Meal plan all month. Achieved. I did have a week where we just ate whatever we had in but even then we only had one takeaway and we’ve done really well this year!

Try 3 new recipes. Achieved. We’ve had some absolutely delicious food in the last month! Christmas is a great time of year for trying new recipes, although maybe not on the main day itself!

De-clutter under the bed, wardrobe, under the kitchen sink and both hall cupboards. Achieved. Thanks to Christmas I had a great excuse for a de-clutter. Firstly I sorted through my clothes and PJs, donating any items that were in good condition but no longer loved by me. Then I de-cluttered my cleaning supplies cupboard by using up items, finishing the last single-use products we had and avoiding any wastage. Lastly, I was able to clear out the hall cupboards. Some items went to my Mum’s house, ready for when we move. Other items were donated, sold or gifted to people in need. Then we gave out our Christmas presents and this freed up the cupboard quite considerably. There are still a few areas to de-clutter in our home but it’s almost perfect now.

Financial aims for December 2018 – the results

Come in under £400 for December food & drink purchases. Achieved. I actually went at least £100 under this so I’m really happy!

Enjoy a debt-free Christmas. Achieved. I started early this year and it was really worthwhile. No debt for us, nothing put onto a credit card and none of our other budgets were touched.

Start a moving fund. Achieved. I’ve been overpaying our rent, ready for when we have to pay rent here and pay for our new house! I’m about 2/3 of the way towards where I want to buy and then I’ll be saving for moving expenses.

Make money from matched betting. Should be easy, as I’m not going to be working for all of December, just some of it, so I’ll have more time for matched betting. Achieved. The last few days of the month were particularly profitable and I had a 4 figure month! Go me! 

Add £150 to my Amazon account. Achieved. This was used for Christmas presents, but this meant that I didn’t get into any debt, even though I added a few treats. Now I’m going to start saving for a coffee machine!

Online aims for December 2018 – the results

Schedule January posts. Achieved. I wouldn’t say they are all done but I’ve finished lots of half started posts and I’m feeling really good!

Boost affiliates by 15% compared to last December. Achieved. It’s been a good month! 

Hit 5k on Instagram. Failed. So close, yet so far! Instagram is really enjoyable for the stories but I hate the follow/unfollow nonsense that every other person seems to be doing!

Re-purpose 5 old posts for January. Achieved. Woo! 

Personal aims for December 2018 – the results

Write a new bucket list. Achieved. I’m not sure if I’m going to publish it or not yet!

Plan a trip away for the three of us. Achieved. We’ve got a holiday to look forward to first and then we’re going to take a little trip just the three of us.

Exercise 3 times a week all month. Achieved. Only just, but feeling mentally strong and a little fitter too.

Have 5 days off this month, at least. Achieved. We had a LOT of illness in our family in December. I wasn’t hit too hard, for a change, but this gave me the perfect chance to have lots of rest and some lazy days too. My income wasn’t really affected so I’ll be looking to do this more going forward.

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  1. katykicker January 1, 2019 / 6:39 pm

    Thanks so much Sam. Happy New Year – hope this one is a great one for you and your family (and blogs!) x

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