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Aims for December 2020 – the results

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Hello – wow, finally the end of 2020. At times it felt like it was going to never end! I LOVE looking back each month, on my monthly aims, and seeing what I achieve, and what I can do better on. Also, the end of the month means it is almost time for me to check on our premium bonds.

I can’t wait for 2020 to be over – and it to finally be the year that our second daughter joins us in! I’m looking forward to counting down the days to be honest, and just spending time with my little family unit until it is time for a second baby!

A notebook and pen with text overlay that says Aims for December 2020 - the results

Aims for December 2020 – the results

Home aims for December 2020 – the results

Meal plan all month. Achieved. I really feel that this is a real important part of family life for us. It saves us money, means we eat healthier and also it has been great during my pregnancy to plan some simple, easy meals for the days when my hyperemesis is particularly bad. Read my meal planning tips if you want to get started yourself!

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Try 3 new recipes. Achieved. I’ve even written up one I have tried a few times now – salt and pepper chips! These are absolutely delicious.

Spend 3 hours on DIY jobs at least. Achieved. Our roof is leaking (again), our house has now been ‘sheete’d and honestly there is just no point doing much now because multiple walls and ceilings are going to need a LOT of TLC once this is finally sorted. Tom mostly achieved jobs off the list by himself, including some sanding, and we’ve even tested some paint colours on the wall too just to see what colours we might want to paint the office and bathroom in the Spring.

A look in my organised pantry showing food & baking ingredients and text overlay that says organising the kitchen.

Try 2 new slow cooker recipes. Achieved. I have been loving my slow cooker recently. It can be a little hard to live with the smell during the day with hyperemesis, but I love knowing that I can put this on when my sickness is having a little break and then we have a lovely, hot, warming family meal at the end of the day.

Complete TeamTomm each day in December. Achieved. Staying on track with this but honestly I’m really falling out of love with TOMM too. It’s got SO samey. I know that is the point but I find myself skipping a few jobs now, especially as I’m tired. Maybe this will feel better one the baby is here and I’m not quite so exhausted. So 2022 maybe? Ha!

Zoflora disinfectant, cleaning cloth and pink rubber gloves

Financial aims for December 2020 – the results

Come in under £350 for December groceries. Achieved. I’m pleasantly surprised that we came in under £300 – this even includes some alcohol for Thomas too AND a shop just 2 days before the end of December that’ll last a week into January (almost!). I’ve almost entirely used Tesco this month, as I could actually get some slots with them!

Make money from matched betting by completing at least 2 hours a week. Achieved. Managed this, just about. I’m not feeling the love so much lately, I think just because I’ve had enough of 2020 really more than anything else, but hopefully January will be better for me!

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Add £150 to my Amazon account towards new baby purchases. Achieved. I’ve promptly spent this on more baby purchases! Feels nice to be getting organised, and have made a big dent. The main item I purchased just a few weeks ago was the *bedside crib. I’m really excited to have my baby really close by, as I wanted to do this with Daisy and then ended up just going for a cot instead!

Complete all Christmas shopping within the money from my budget pot. Achieved. I had £128 leftover which I’ve moved to my ‘frivolous things’ fund to treat myself with in 2021 as I see fit. I’ve got a few things I’ve been toying with buying for a while, so will see how the start of the year goes!

£50 in £20 and £10 notes with a text section that says 'top tips for saving money on heating

Online aims for December 2020 – the results

Work on 50 posts for ad revenue changes. Achieved. This has been a BIG game changer for me financially, and I LOVE my ad network Mediavine. I earned more money from ads in December than some other months combined and I’m going to continue working on this in a BIG way in 2021!

Gain 10% more page views on last month. Achieved. JUST! I had some traffic drop off in a Google update but then Christmas week put me back on top. I can’t believe it but my traffic has more than doubled, and even tripled in some places, compared to just one year ago. Hard work on this really is starting to pay off!

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Complete 5 random acts of kindness. Achieved. I love looking out for wishlists to send someone a surprise gift! Mostly I pick strangers who seem to be in need on TikTok and other platforms, but sometimes I pick people I see on my social media feeds too.

Get at least 1 YouTube video live. Failed. I DO have the video ready, I just haven’t recorded a voiceover for it as my home is almost never quiet at the moment I swear. I would love to be more consistent with my YouTube channel, but I’m just not. That’s life I guess!

Hit 9,100 followers on my Instagram. Failed. Whoops. I think I’ve got almost the same number as last month, mostly because I’ve barley posted for the second half of December. I’m ok with it. Stories are where it is at for me on Instagram and I really enjoy them. Also, sometimes I forget how many people actually watch them!!

Personal aims for December 2020 – the results

Exercise 3 times a week all month. Achieved. Mostly school runs, but this in itself is almost 8,000 steps a day now so that’s great!

Have 5 days off this month, at least. Achieved. I’ve mostly enjoyed some time off for Christmas, with Daisy, while Tom worked. I’m going to try and make more effort to have full days where I don’t work at all, even for 10 minutes!

Spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, burger and beef keema curry - easy beef mince recipes

Read 3 books. Achieved. I’ve been using the library, sporadically, and read some great books!

Take time to relax at the end of each day. Achieved. I find this helps me sleep, even though the last week in particular my sleep pattern has been very bad!

There you have it – my final aims for the month post for 2020. A mixed bag, as a lot of months have been to be honest. I’m glad we’re here, safe, and well, in our leaky roofed little house, and what I’ve mostly took away from 2020 is a big sense of gratitude.

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Kim Carberry

Thursday 31st of December 2020

You have done really well with your aims. I have seen your Insta stories about your leaking roof. It really is the worst time for something like that to go wrong. Sending love and hugs. It must be so frustrating. Good on you for having money left over at the end of the month. You deserve to treat yourself. Wishing you all the best for 2021 x


Tuesday 5th of January 2021

Thank you! I'm scrapping the monthly aims here now, and just sharing on my Instagram instead! x Happy New Year!

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