Aims for February 2019 – Find out what I want to achieve this month

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Happy February! I’m so glad that January is behind us. It always feels like such a slow month! I’m looking forward to brighter mornings and Spring being here before we know it. Here are my Aims for February 2019.

Aims for February 2019

Home aims for February 2019

Perfect 3 new recipes I’m working on. I want to blog at least 2 of them so need to test them a couple more times to make sure they are correct.

Use my slow cooker at least 3 days a week. This is cheap, encourages us to eat healthy meals and keeps us away from the takeaway.

Donate or sell 20 items. I’m running out of places to de-clutter again now, which is great. I think I might tackle Daisy’s drawers, where she has some clothes that she will have outgrown.

Use up at least 10 items from the food cupboard that have been sitting there for an age. I want to try some new recipes, and I know I’ve got some bits I was gifted from brands late last year. I hate food waste so will be writing a list later in the month to plan some meals with the items.

Financial aims for February 2019

Make money matched betting. £300+ ideally. I don’t have a lot of time/effort to dedicate to this lately but I like to keep the money trickling in.

Add enough Amazon vouchers to my account to allow me to order my coffee machine. I think it’s around £190 and I’m about halfway there!

Spend £250 or less on groceries. This may be a little bit of a squeeze for us but I’m going to meal plan hard and do lots of baking and cooking from scratch.

Online aims for February 2019

Complete 10 posts that are sitting in my drafts. I’ve got a vast array of post ideas there and want to get 10 of them completed and scheduled for the coming months.

Sell 3 items on eBay. We don’t have much to clear out so I think even 3 might be a stretch! I’ve got one item listed now, so just need to hope to find a few more and make a couple of sales!

Get my Pinterest to 750,000 impressions. I was at 635,000 last time I checked. I just want to keep consistently pinning and using Tailwind tribes.

Personal aims for February 2019

Continue to exercise daily. I’ve been feeling good for this. I’ve not really lost much weight but I feel more mobile and less achy which is the main thing for me.

Arrange to complete 2 items off our 2019 bucket list.

Book a trip away for later in the year.

Decide on a November holiday date for Centerparcs and re-book.

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Find out what I want to achieve with my Aims for February 2019. I'm sharing my personal, online, financial and home based aims for February 2019

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