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Aims for February 2019 – the results

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Woosh – another month has zipped by! Here it is my aims for February 2019 – the results!

Aims for February 2019 – the results

Home aims for February 2019 – the results

Perfect 3 new recipes I’m working on. Achieved. I’ve got some new recipe posts going live in the next month that I’m looking forward to sharing with you.

Use my slow cooker at least 3 days a week. Achieved. This has been a godsend lately. I’ve been feeling a bit lazy sometimes when it comes to dinnertime so using the slow cooker has stopped me from buying a takeaway.

Donate or sell 20 items. Achieved. This was surprisingly easy. I’ve de-cluttered two drawers and a few other little areas in my home. I feel like home is almost clutter free now but with a 2-year-old, and being fortunate to receive lots of lovely items from brands, there is always something new arriving! I make sure to always sell, donate or give away items, so nothing ends up in the rubbish.

Use up at least 10 items from the food cupboard that have been sitting there for an age. Achieved. Ramen kit anyone? We’ve eaten some random meals lately but it’s been great and I’m going to do this again in March!

Financial aims for February 2019 – the results

Make money matched betting. Achieved. It’s been a good month!

Add enough Amazon vouchers to my account to allow me to order my coffee machine. Achieved. I earned enough Amazon and then I decided not to get a bean-to-cup coffee machine. Instead, we’ve got a new Hot Cup and we’ve been using caramel syrup, ground coffee and an electric milk frother to make homemade lattes. They’re really nice and I think we’ll be giving the Tassimo to my Mum soon!

Spend £250 or less on groceries. Achieved. I actually spent £199.88 but only because one of my shops was refunded in full. No idea why!

Online aims for February 2019 – the results

Complete 10 posts that are sitting in my drafts. Achieved. I’ve got a few posts ready for March and a couple for later in the year too.

Sell 3 items on eBay. Achieved. Only just! I made 3 sales.

Get my Pinterest to 750,000 impressions. Failed. My Pinterest impressions actually went down to last month but I’m seeing nice traffic so I’m happy.

Personal aims for February 2019 – the results

Continue to exercise daily. Achieved. I didn’t do 30 full minutes every day but I’m moving more and feeling better for it.

Arrange to complete 2 items off our 2019 bucket list. Achieved. Daisy has passed one of her allergens (Xanthan Gum) and has visited a farm too! Daisy & Thomas enjoyed a trip to Lee Valley Farm (AD) and they had a wonderful time!

Book a trip away for later in the year. Failed. We’re probably going to leave this for now, just because we know we’ll be moving soon. However, we did enjoy a night away together last week which was great!
Decide on a November holiday date for Centerparcs and re-book. Achieved. Had to wait for Tom to get the holiday approved but it’s something to look forward to! Love me a hot tub lodge!

All in all – not a bad month! I’m pretty pleased with myself! My March aims will be up tomorrow.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.