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Aims for February 2020 – the results

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Good morning! This month, despite being the shortest of the year, has absolutely dragged! I hope February has been kind to you. It has been a real mixed bag here! Here it is my aims for February 2020 – the results!

Come see how I got on in February 2020!
Come see how I got on in February 2020!

Aims for February 2020 – the results

Home aims for February 2020 – the results

  • Write up 3 new recipes I’m working on. Achieved. I’ll be sharing them with you soon so be sure to check out my mealtime inspiration post here I feature all of my favourite recipes.
  • Use my pressure cooker at least 2 times a week. Achieved. This has been so convenient for hot lunches – perfect in this cold weather!
  • De-clutter or sell 20 items. Achieved. This included finishing pots of paint, undercoat and gloss which was great!
  • Organise the pantry door. Achieved. We actually ended up decorating the entire kitchen which feels great as the house is almost done now! I also got some lovely vinyl labels from a friend and those look great in place too!

Financial aims for February 2020 – the results

  • Make some money from matched betting. Achieved. I’ve been able to top up the house fund which has covered a new lawnmower, some edging for the bottom of the garden, a few new garden toys and the rest has gone in the bank for plants for the Spring.
  • Add £150 to my Amazon account. Achieved. This has all been spent towards goodies for the house. I’ve treated myself to new storage and lots of ‘bits’ this month and this has been a great help!
  • Spend £250 or less on groceries. Achieved. This has been astonishing! Daisy can have dairy and gluten now, which has made a big difference. I also earned £20 on an £80 Iceland shop (which I haven’t included in this total as I won’t receive it for a few months). It has been a great month for batch cooking, meal planning, avoiding the takeaway too much and no eating out.

Online aims for February 2020 – the results

  • Complete 5 posts that are sitting in my drafts. Failed. One day hey haha!
  • Make 3 sales on eBay. Achieved. Just a few items I decluttered!
  • Boost Pinterest clickthroughs by 1,000. Failed. It turns out that December – January was HUGE for my recipes and of course a lot of that traffic has died off now. Still, I almost maintained the same clickthroughs so that is something positive!

Personal aims for February 2020 – the results

  • Book a trip away for later in the year. Achieved. We’re off to Forest Holidays for a break about an hour from home. I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like!
  • Decide on our November holiday. Achieved. We’re going to Centerparcs as per usual and taking our new dog with us!
  • Enjoy a walk each day just for fresh air and to feel better. Achieved. Mostly!

There you have it! Another month has flown by! It has been an up and down month but I’m feeling happy and like I’ve got the balance right in my life at the moment.

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