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Aims for January 2020 – the results

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Good morning! I hope January has gone well for you! We’ve had a mixed bag this month, as I expect you’ll see from the results below! Here it is my aims for January 2020 – the results!

Aims for January 2020 - the results
The results of my aims for January 2020 have been good!

Aims for January 2020 – the results

Home aims for January 2020 – the results

  • Try 3 new recipes. Achieved. I’ve been using Simply Cook a lot this month and so we’ve made a LOT of new recipes, at least 10! It’s been great and really given us some mealtime inspiration.
  • Paint my office. Achieved. And the living room! Whoop!
  • Order a new corner sofa to make better use of our space. Failed. It turns out we need a REALLY tight size for the doorway, which is making finding the perfect corner sofa really hard. The search continues!
  • Meal plan all month. Achieved. Done really well on this front. Only had a couple of takeaways too which is good going for us.
  • De-clutter 20 items. Achieved. I’ve been through Daisy’s wardrobe and toys and also completed my 30 day de-clutter challenge. I also did a digital declutter too just for good measure!
  • Organise the pantry + pay a lovely friend to print me new vinyl labels for all of my foodstuffs to make it clearer and more organised too. Sort of achieved. I’ve made a list and sent it to my friend, however, I forgot they are travelling for a month! At least I’ve set the wheels into motion and organised my pantry too!

Financial aims for January 2020 – the results

  • Spend no more than £200 on groceries. I went 18p over! Honestly I’m amazed at this. Really, really pleased!
  • Make some money from matched betting. Achieved. I had a great month with this actually, and some of that money went to the below aims.
  • Add £150 to my Amazon account. Achieved.
  • Add £50 to my rounding up pot. Achieved. Just!
  • Start 3 new pots with Chip for my 2020 main financial aims. Achieved. I’ve decided on my 3 pots and have over £100 tucked away already. I really haven’t noticed the money leaving either which is great.

Online aims for January 2020 – the results

Personal aims for January 2020 – the results

  • Donate a box of goodies to the food bank. Achieved. I like to try and donate where I can. I pick up goodies from Shopmium and look out for the end of line discontinued discounts too.
  • Have a clear out of Daisy’s toys for the charity shop. Achieved. I’ve waited a few weeks to donate, as I know the charity shop is really busy at the start of the month.
  • Decide if we are going to have a 2020 bucket list. Achieved. We’re not going to publish a bucket list this year. There are lots of lovely things that we want them to do this year so I’m just going to focus on booking things as and when we have spare money. So far we have a trip booked in for Daisy’s Birthday and some other plans for later in the year too.
  • Schedule in a week off for the next quarter. Achieved. I’m looking forward to a break around Daisy’s Birthday, it’ll do us all the World of good!
  • Exercise 3 times a week. Achieved. I haven’t always done as much as I would like BUT I’m increasing monthly which is what I’m trying to do.
  • Sit down with Tom and plan his weeks off work. Achieved. Thomas has booked almost all of his time off now which is great for us for the start of the year as we’re usually rubbish and then he can’t get the weeks off we want.

There you have it! Another month has flown by (I say this every month I swear) and I’m really pleased with how well things have gone.

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