Aims for July 2017

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July is here. Wow! My Mum and nephew both celebrate Birthdays this month. I DID have a lovely present arranged for my Mum. A trip to see Adele – now cancelled. However, I’m not one to dwell so I’m going to arrange something else for Tuesday instead. My Nephew has just enjoyed a nice trip to Paris too so I gave him euros for that. Anyway, here they are – my aims for July 2017. Hope you enjoy me sharing them with you.

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Home aims for July 2017

Run the freezers down. I’ve got a TON of bread, meat and vegetables to use up. This is fab and will help with other aims this month. However, I need the space back for the allotment produce. Before I know it we will have a glut of harvested vegetables. I have almost completely stopped food waste in our home and this is why I want that extra bit of space.

Buy, sell or donate 20 items. I’ve already got a huge bag of clothes I’ll be sending to a friend so this is on top of that. I have a few items for the food bank too. I love a nice clear out.

Keep on top of the chores master list. My lovely husband made us a master list of all the chores while off sick from work. As he couldn’t do much else. Anyway, I want to keep on top of the master list throughout the month, rather than having one huge day of cleaning. This includes every spring cleaning job you can think of. Including the plug sockets and top of door frames. I love a nice list and this is going to help keep our home spotless hopefully.

Make ice- cream. I’ve got a lovely *ice cream maker and I want to use it more during this nice weather. This ties in with running the freezers down as I need room to place the bowl inside!

Financial aims for July 2017

Spend less than £150 on groceries. This should be a doddle. Mostly because I’ve won a John Lewis voucher that I can use at Ocado. I’m going to use this to get some goodies in for my Mum’s Birthday. Besides that I want to meal plan, use lots of my favourite recipes and harvest goodies from our allotment.

Make £400+ from matched betting. Self explanatory really. I’ve cut back a little here. Mostly because I’ve smashed my lifetime matched betting goals!! 

Add £150 to my Amazon account. I want to keep at least £50 of it on there, ready to start building up for Christmas.

Pay Daisy’s pennies in to the bank. Daisy has a few money boxes and they have lots of nice pennies in. I want to get those paid in to HSBC and move them over to her savings account.

Online aims for July 2017

Hit 2,650 on Instagram. 550 on Pinterest . 7,500 on Twitter. These should be achievable goals. I’m trying to keep it realistic this month. I enjoy engaging with people, and hosting the odd competition. I don’t want to be chasing all the time for some hugely unrealistic number. I’m happy with the success I’ve had already.

Get my completed drafts to 60. This is a big stretch but I’m looking forward to the challenge. My husband goes back to work in a weeks time, on night shifts. I should have some time to get the drafts finished/new posts wrote.

Create pinnable images for 50 posts. I’m going to track this properly in July. I was rubbish last month! You can follow me on Pinterest if you fancy seeing my posts there.

Take part in 3 guest posts. I really enjoy taking part in guest posts for other websites as it is a chance to reach a new audience. I particularly love the guest posts where you can answer questions about yourself. If you run one please do contact me so I can take part! 

Personal aims for July 2017

Read three books. This is partly for my new monthly ‘What I’m Reading’ post and partly for fulfilment. It is nice to have a break and learn something new too.

Have a me day. I’ve been working hard lately. Yes, I’m enjoying days off every week. However, I want to have a whole day dedicated to rest and relaxation. I might tie this in with the next aim on this post.

Arrange a special day out for Tom. Tom has been poorly for a few weeks, and is due back to work in a week. When he returns back he’ll be working overtime. Because of this I want to arrange a nice day out for him. A treat day.

Arrange to cross 2 items off our bucket list. Perhaps I will tie this in with a me day and a special day out for Tom. Who knows.

Go to the allotment at least 6 times. I want to keep on top of the weeds and do lots of watering too. Tom will be going down at other times too, probably before or after work. LOTS of watering needs to be done in the Summer!

Complete 2 random acts of kindness. I’ve got something in mind already, but I’ll be looking out for another opportunity. I love helping others and being a nice person. I get lots of enjoyment from this too so that is nice.

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Find out what I want to achieve with my Aims for July 2017. I'm sharing my personal, online, financial and home based aims for July 2017.

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  1. katykicker July 3, 2017 / 3:53 pm

    Thanks so much! I try and read books that are either fun/relaxing or books that will help me learn more about blogging etc.

  2. Katie Lou July 29, 2017 / 2:35 pm

    Awh I love this, a great variety of goals and very inspirational! I hope you have managed to make them all happen 🙂 Katie xo

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