Aims for July 2019 – the results

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I’ll keep it short this month. It’s bloody hot. I’m tired. I’ve still smashed my aims! Here it is my aims for July 2019 – the results!

Aims for July 2019 - the results

Aims for July 2019 – the results

Home aims for July 2019 – the results

Run the freezers down. Achieved. Lots of meal planning and being organised means that the freezers are less full than they were at the start of the month! I’m calling that a win!

Buy, sell or donate 20 items. Achieved. I was really surprised but Thomas had a clear out and gave me a box of more than 20 items which I sold on eBay. The profit was made £100, which went straight into the house moving fund!

Try 3 new recipes. Achieved. I’ve shared a few new posts too including slow cooker BBQ ribs, slow cooker whole chicken and my easy slow cooker recipes (UK recipes).

Meal plan all month. Achieved. We’ve still spent quite a bit BUT we’ve been eating really well and Daisy has had lots of treats to keep her going over her 3 day weekends.

Keep up with #teamtomm to keep the place nice while we wait to move. Achieved. Been hard in the hot weather but on the worst days Tom and I have worked together.

Financial aims for July 2019 – the results

Spend less than £250 on groceries. Achieved – by £1! I couldn’t believe this when I worked it out. Spending £70.50 in Aldi recently I assumed we would have blown the budget by at least £50 – so I’m really happy.

Achieve at least 2-3 hours matched betting each week. Achieved. Nothing special to report. No huge wins for a while now, but that’s fine.

Add £100 to my Amazon account. Achieved. Promptly spent it. Oops.

Get my challenge £1k account full. Achieved. eBay sales, rounding up my bank account and a few pushes on the old survey sites got me there!

Online aims for July 2019 – the results

Update 10 old posts. Achieved. I’m already seeing increased traffic too which has helped with another one of my aims.

Boost my affiliate income by 10%. Achieved. I didn’t actually do the work for that this month. Last month I updated some posts and this month it really paid off with increased affiliate income.

Boost my page views by 10%. Achieved. Thanks to the above work on old posts!

Personal aims for July 2019 – the results

Read three books. Achieved. I have been using Kindle Unlimited and best of all I got a free trial of 3 months! You can click the banner below if you fancy giving it a try! I’ve been reading books AND magazines!


Have a me day. Achieved. I just had a few days where I took it easy. No work, no commitments etc. It was really needed and I already feel like I need another one!

Arrange a special day out for Tom. Kind of achieved. We’ve got a few things on the calendar for August!

Arrange to cross 1 item off our bucket list. Achieved. I took Daisy to see a little musical at the theatre in London and she loved it.

Complete 2 random acts of kindness. Achieved. I haven’t shared them on social but I found two people in need and helped where I could. Also, I treated my niece to a Battle Pass on Fortnite. It’s only something little but she really liked it, which is nice, and it meant we spent more time playing the Xbox together.

Find 2 new charitable causes to donate to. Achieved. One is a local charity that I’ve committed to a monthly sign up and one was a charity that another blogger was fundraising for that I had never heard of before. I also donated to two friends who were donating hair to be made into wigs for children in need, such as cancer patients.

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