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Aims for June 2017

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June is here already. Six years ago we were gearing up to get married. I never knew where we would be now and I never imagined we would have a 1 year old, a busy life and be financially much better off. Life is really good at the moment and has been treating us well lately. This means that some of my financial aims have fallen by the wayside a little, however, it doesn’t mean I’m not doing great still. Just that I’m not needing to focus on money as much as I once did. This is great of course and frees me up to do more of the things that I enjoy in life. June should be a lovely month, great weather, lots of time together and a chance to get down the allotment frequently. My aims for June 2017!

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Home aims for June 2017

Bake cookies. Why not? Who doesn’t like cookies. I want to make something a little bit different.

Try 3 new recipes. I want to make something Chinese based in our slow cooker.

Change photos in hall. Rolled this over from last month as I wrote it then promptly forgot! Life was busy so I didn’t get a chance to come back and check up on my aims basically.

Organise Daisy’s clothes. Daisy has TONS of 12-18 month clothes. Some items are tight. Some are huge still. I want to get them sorted out and I know who I’m going to donate them to already!

Give the oven a deep clean. Thanks to the lovely people at Oven pride I’ve got a box to use up. Might as well get it done!

Financial aims for June 2017

Spend less than £150 on groceries. Managed this last month so I want to do the same this month.

Make £400+ from matched betting. Easy peasy! I’ve lowered it from £500 in previous months because I’m working less at the moment. Just adjusting my expectations.

Add £100 to my Amazon account. I don’t spend a lot of time working on websites that don’t pay cash these days. However, I want to top this up to buy some nice coffees and a few new toys and treats for Daisy. Daisy is 14 months old now and into different things to a few months ago even.

Move some savings to Premium Bonds. We’ve decided that we are managing to grow our savings well. We want to move some money over to Premium Bonds. The worst that can happen is we don’t win anything. Our money is safe so seems like a nice way to have some fun with it.

Look at opening a stocks & shares ISA. I want to start investing a small amount in one of these. Not masses, maybe a couple of hundred here and there to start off.

Online aims for June 2017

Hit 2,600 on Instagram. 500 on Pinterest . 7,100 on Twitter. Fancy following me to give me a step up? I well and truly failed last month so I’m planning on finding more time for interaction and increasing my engagement.

Get my completed drafts back up to 20. Due to illness over the last month or two, and being busy, my completed drafts were depleted quite well. I want to bump them back up by finishing some posts and writing some more off my list of ideas.

Create pinnable images for 50 more posts. I’ve got around 500 posts that don’t have images that look nice for Pinterest. I want to work on creating images for 50 of those. This will allow me to get a new audience for my posts and hopefully help more people in the process.

Personal aims for June 2017

Lose 4lbs. It is so hot in our flat I think I’ll manage this just in sweat. Hopefully. 

Read a book. After the success of managing to complete an entire book last month I want to do the same this month. I’ve been reading books on self improvement – if you’ve got something in mind do let me know! 

Weed the allotment and get back on track. It has got a little overgrown in this lovely weather, and then alternating rain, that we have been having. Eek! This happened last year too. So many weeds so little time. I’m sure it will be back on track soon though.

Do you have any aims for June 2017? I’d love to hear yours.

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Find out what I want to achieve with my Aims for June 2017. I'm sharing my personal, online, financial and home based aims for June 2017.

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Thursday 1st of June 2017

Thanks so much. I love making money! To be honest I love most aspects of my little life these days, feeling very grateful! Always nice to inspire others too x


Thursday 1st of June 2017

They sound like some good goals! It did make me laugh when you said about sweating out four lbs in your flat! My work is so hot I really need to work on making sure I'm drinking enough water


Thursday 1st of June 2017

Thanks so much. Honestly it is 28C INSIDE today! Disgusting really. Still, nice and warm in the Winter!

Drinking water is always an area I am a bit rubbish at!