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Aims for March 2020 – the results

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Well… March was a blinking strange month wasn’t it! What a turn up for the books this one has been! Certainly a month I can’t wait to see the back of, and just for a change, I wish I could skip forward a few months! I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling though so I won’t feel bad. My aims have been very hit and miss this month! Around the 20th of the month, when it became obvious that we would be staying home for the foreseeable my aims fell a little by the wayside, particularly as I have no childcare now! Anyway, here it is – my aims for March 2020 – the results!

Aims for March 2020 - The results!
Find out how I did in March!

Aims for March 2020 – the results

Home aims for March 2020 – the results

Meal plan all month. Achieved. This went well. I’ve had to change things up, of course, like most people, but have felt very grateful that we have been able to source enough food for our usual types of meals. We have eaten very well and I’ve got some Hello Fresh boxes booked for April!

Airfryer hash browns
These hash browns were so crisp and fluffy!

Try 3 new recipes. Achieved. I tried a new recipe for my oat biscuits, made airfryer hash browns and tried several new dinners too.

Tear and share bread
A soft, fluffy tear & share bread was great alongside dinner!

Use my *breadmaker at least 2 times. Achieved. Necessity pushed this really, but also it was good to use it a few times to make lovely bread, tear & share bread and pizza dough in the breadmaker.

Use my *pressure cooker for 3 new side dishes or meals. Achieved. I love experimenting and now have more time for this in the evening as Tom takes on the bedtime routine most of the time now.

Financial aims for March 2020 – the results

Make money matched betting. Achieved. A lot of sports were cancelled so I did struggle a little more this month, but I just did the offers that interested me the most. Fortunately, they were quite a few casino offers around towards the end of the month.

Add £150 of Amazon vouchers to my account. Failed. In total, I added £89.99. I didn’t push as hard on this in the end as I wanted to withdraw cash from most of my survey websites, to help towards bills in May-June time, as work is so quiet at the moment.

Spend £250 or less on groceries. Failed. This is partly due to £41.99 Hello Fresh which is coming today and partly because I had to shop in most expensive places, such as the local petrol station and the Co-Op, just to get some essential items like nappies and Calpol. We went over budget by £95 in total, and around £25 of this was purchasing items in M&S and Costa while my Mum was in the hospital at the start of the month.

Make another loan on Kiva. Achieved. I’m really pleased as I’m well on the way to $1000 of loans now! Feeling happy about this and hoping I can hit the goal by the end of the year.

Add £50 to my round-up pot. Achieved. This is just a ‘rainy day’ pot, alongside my more focused savings goals like Christmas 2020.

Online aims for March 2020 – the results

Make 2 eBay sales. Failed. I cancelled my outstanding listings when the COVID-19 stuff stepped up a gear. I don’t want to be making non-essential trips (I’m not going out at all!) and I don’t want to be responsible for non-essential deliveries when all of the systems are already stretched. I only had 3 or 4 items listed, some of Daisy’s old toys & clothes, and these can just go to the charity shop later in the year.

Update 20 old posts. Failed. I think I achieved 8 or 10, which is better than nothing. As those posts are my highest performing ones this has already made a difference to traffic and it is encouraging me to try and find 1-2 hours a week to keep working on this.

Write 3 new money-saving posts. Failed. I’ve had much less time to work and had some paid work I had to complete that took priority. I have been updating old posts though to hopefully provide more value to my readers in these challenging time.

Personal aims for March 2020 – the results

Throw Daisy a Birthday tea with our family. Failed. Daisy is 4 now but we had to spend the weekend at home just us 3. It was nice, just not quite as nice as what we had planned!

Walk 7k steps every single day. Failed. My average is 6,406 each day over the month. This is up about 10% from the previous month, which is great considering I’ve been advised to avoid my usual pain medication so I’m trying to increase everything gradually as I can’t afford a pain flare up at the moment!

Read 2 books. Failed. Oops. I know what book I want to read next and hope from tomorrow to start carving out more time for reading. It’s just something that falls by the wayside for some reason. I do enjoy it, but at the moment I rarely have any peace!

I think this may be the first-ever month where I have failed more of my aims than I have achieved! I feel a bit rubbish about it to be honest, but it has been a very strange month! My mental health has been very up and down as my Mum was in the hospital, my nephew had Sepsis (again), my niece had a long labour where the hospital gave her food poisoning and honestly I just feel like I’ve spent most of the month worrying about various things. I’m sure the feeling is mutual for lots of you reading this!

Daisy playing in the garden
Living Arrows 13/52 [2020]
A family trip to Peppa Pig World - Daisy and Mummy with Peppa Pig
A family trip to Peppa Pig World (AD - Gifted)

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Kim Carberry

Wednesday 1st of April 2020

March really was a strange month and yes, I would like to skip a few months so we're out of this. It has been hard to get things done. I think the meal planning has really helped keep me sane with not being able to get much shopping. We're not going to starve I have just had to think more about what we're eating. The hash browns look amazing! I hope your mum, niece and nephew are doing better now. x