Aims for May 2017

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Every month I always remark that I cannot believe that another month has passed. It is so true though! Every time I write these posts I cannot believe another month has zipped by. We are all a month older, I am a month closer to some of my big aims. Life seems to pass by in the blink of an eye. Usually. April felt quite slow though to be honest. At the time at least! We had lots of illness in our household and a nice holiday too. May will be the month of routine and getting back to normal. Whatever that is. Anyway, here we go! My aims for May 2017!

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Home aims for May 2017

Meal plan the entire month. I’ve got a nice list of ideas already that I wrote on the way home from our holiday. I want to plan the month to help with my grocery spend aim. Also, meal planning is so convenient for us. I’m going to implement some tips from posts such as meal planning with mince and meal planning.

Try 3 new recipes. I don’t have any ideas yet. I love to experiment with new recipes so I’m sure I’ll find something interesting on Pinterest. Perhaps from my slow cooker board.

Make sorbet / ice cream for Daisy. On holiday recently Daisy enjoyed a lovely almond milk pancake with a blackberry sorbet. I am fortunate to own this *ice cream maker. I want to use it to make a nice dairy free ice cream or a sorbet.

De-clutter books & DVDs. We’ve already de-cluttered lots of old CDs we had in a box. Now I want to do the DVDs and books. We’ve been donating a few to the charity shop and the rest went off to Ziffit. We made £40 odd for a small box of CDs which was a nice surprise.

Change photos in hall. We’ve got a photo wall in our hall and frankly I’m bored of ours. I want to change the photos over. While I’m ordering new photos I may also change the ones in our kitchen and living room too.

Financial aims for May 2017

Spend less than £150 on groceries. I’m going to meal plan, use our slow cooker and come in under budget. I know we can achieve these. Particularly as a while ago we did a £100 grocery challenge.

Make £400+ from matched betting. This is self explanatory. I’m aiming lower than previous months as I’m busier this month and want to get out in the fresh air more.

Put back £500 of the money I used for my tax bill. I miscalculated for my tax bill thanks to crossing a threshold. This meant that I had under saved! Not good. Anyway, I used £1500-£1600 from somewhere else to make sure I could pay my bill on time. This isn’t a debt as such, or a hardship. However, I want to replace it. Starting with £500 this month.

Add £100 to my Amazon account. I will probably just do this from a few survey websites. I am starting to build up for Christmas now. If you want to get started on your Christmas saving then check out 10 ways to save for Christmas.

Online aims for May 2017

Boost affiliate income by 10%. I am rubbish sometimes at utilising my good following on social media. I want to make a little more effort. 10% should be easily achievable.

Schedule some posts for June & July. I’m not worried about scheduling posts for every day, or every post. However, I want to have lots of good content scheduled. Then in between I can post the linkies that I take part in and any new paid work.

Hit 3,000 on Instagram. 500 on Pinterest . 7,000 on Twitter. Fancy following me to give me a step up? These aims should be achievable, hopefully.

Personal aims for May 2017

Lose 6lbs. This is a pretty big aim, considering I’m rubbish at losing weight! However, I’m confident. Lots of water, no ice creams and no takeaways. I have been exercising lots more recently so that is one positive that I want to continue.

Read a book. I’ve got a book that I really want to read, about getting things done. Ironic I know. Anyway, I want to find the time to read that, properly. Without 1000 distractions. This might take me the entire month but I’ll get there!

Get lots of planting done at our allotment. We have quite a few seedlings on the go. Sweetcorn, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and more. We need to get more planted. Some outside, some inside. Our allotment is a great source of enjoyment for us and I’m looking forward to summer there.

Do you have any aims for May 2017? I’d love to hear yours.

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Find out what I want to achieve with my Aims for May 2017. I'm sharing my personal, online, financial and home based aims for April 2017.

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  1. katykicker May 4, 2017 / 5:46 pm

    They really are! Such is the life hey and like you say I’m really grateful that I was able to pay it.

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