Aims for May 2019 – the results

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Hello! Just under 7 months until Christmas is here so I’m starting to think about saving for Christmas. This month I think I have failed more aims than any month ever since I started sharing my aims with you. I’m not going to be negative about myself, as I tried my best. Anyway, here it is my aims for May 2019 – the results!

Aims for May 2019 - the results

Aims for May 2019 – the results

Home aims for May 2019 – the results

Try 3 new recipes. Achieved. I shared my slow cooker vegetarian lasagne recipe but I also tried a few new homemade sauces, including a tomato & pepperoni pasta sauce which I served with fresh pasta.

Make a start on taking down shelves, photos and other items. Failed. All I achieved was removing the stickers from the wall in the bedroom. As we haven’t had barely any houses to ‘bid’ on with the council I knew we wouldn’t be moving before the end of June anyway, so just got lazy with this.

Financial aims for May 2019 – the results

Spend less than £250 on groceries. Achieved. I am under by about £2 so really, really pleased.

Shop at Aldi each week. Achieved. As we didn’t have a car for some of this month, and I had to create an AD for AllergyFreeDay we have had to shop online a couple of times too but we managed to visit Aldi for the bulk of our shopping each week. This definitely helped us come under budget (just) with the grocery shop. We cooked from scratch lots and ate really well for the money.

Make more effort with matched betting and paid surveysAchieved. I’ve had some great cashouts recently, including £70 from Prolific Academic. I have been enjoying getting back into completing more paid surveys and this has topped up my income while I’ve had two weeks off work after my surgery.

Get my £2,000 savings up to £750+! Failed. We had to buy a new car earlier than expected, so my money went towards that instead! I’m going to roll this aim over to June though.

Add £100 to my Amazon account. Failed. As above. All my cashouts really went to paying towards the car, the premium bonds being topped up and surviving while I had a few weeks off work! I’m going to roll this over to June too.

Online aims for May 2019 – the results

Increase my page views by 10%. Achieved. I actually boosted them by 12% which I’m pleased about. I have been working on my SEO and doing lots of behind the scenes work on Katykicker!

Find lovely blogs to comment on every day just to be nice to other bloggers! Achieved. I’ve really been enjoying making more of an effort to read and comment on blogs again as I did back in 2017-8.

Schedule content for June. Failed. I didn’t need to in the end, as I’m already back working after my operation 2 weeks ago! I’m feeling really good, and almost completely back to normal.

Personal aims for May 2019 – the results

Continue to exercise each day. Failed. I had an operation mid-month so this fell by the wayside. I’m hoping to get back on track in June though.

Read at least 3 books. Achieved. One thing I did achieve this is for me really!

Enjoy at least 2 days out as a family. Failed. Between suddenly needing a new car, and me having an operation, we only had 1 day out, I think! Still, Daisy really enjoyed checking out the new park locally and it was great to get out in the fresh air.

Arrange 2 items off our bucket list. Achieved. I have been slowly learning how to use my camera and we have made plans to head to a seaside resort later this year. We’ve been really, really slow this year with our bucket list but I think quite a few of the items need us to either have our new house (which we don’t yet) or the weather to be good!

Well, there you have it. The worst month for as long as I can remember. However, I had surgery this month and we’ve had a few knocks, including needing a new car. This has affected our savings, and how much available money we have too. Despite this, I’m not feeling down on myself. I achieved more aims than I failed, which is great. June is going to be a better month for me!

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  1. Kim Carberry May 31, 2019 / 8:35 pm

    I think you did well with your aims considering you bought a new car and had surgery! You’ve had a lot to deal with this past month. Good luck. I hope June is a great month for you x

    • katykicker June 5, 2019 / 9:38 am

      Thanks so much! I think June is going to be a great month! x

  2. katykicker June 5, 2019 / 9:38 am

    Thanks so much! x

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