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Aims for May 2020 – the results

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May feels like it both sped by and dragged at the same time. I’m not really sure how! Another month safe at home has gone by. I had to attend the hospital for some tests and apart from that we have gone outside for a couple of small family walks and to get groceries. That’s it!

Hopefully this means I will have achieved my aims, as at the point of typing this it is as much of a surprise to you, as to me, mostly because I forgot to check back in with my goals this month! Here are my aims for May 2020 – the results!

Aims for May 2020 - the results

Aims for May 2020 – the results

Home aims for May 2020 – the results

Meal plan all month. Achieved. As always this went well. Very minimal takeaways (a Birthday treat for Tom!) and lots of delicious Hello Fresh meals that we have loved.

Try 2 new recipes. Achieved. Cinnamon bun waffles were my favourite! I made the cinnamon buns the day before and then cooked them back up in the waffle iron. They went down a treat and Daisy loved them!

Also, I published a couple of new recipes here including my easy chicken pie, 15 minute spaghetti bolognese, air fryer sausages and a big post on what can you cook in an air fryer? I’ve really got my passion for cooking back and I’m loving it.

Use my *breadmaker at least 2 times for new recipes. Achieved. The cinnamon bun dough was a particular favourite. It was VERY elastic, and I was worried that I had ruined it somehow, but it all came together in the end!

Use my *pressure cooker for 3 hot lunches, soups etc. Achieved. I’m branching out more and want to use the great *pressure cooker cookbooks that my friend got me as a moving in present more.

Complete TeamTomm each day in May. Achieved. I had two day where I fell behind but I made sure to catch up properly before continuing on with my week.

Financial aims for May 2020 – the results

Make money matched betting. £150+ ideally. Achieved. Some sports have started returning – phew! I only just scraped through on my target, but after failing last month I am pleased with this!

Add £100 of Amazon vouchers to my account. Achieved. Promptly spend again. I did some random acts of kindness, sent a few friends little gifts to let them know I’m thinking of them during this hard time and then I spent the rest on Thomas’ Birthday presents!

Make £50 from Prolific. Achieved. Only just – but the main thing is that I did it!

Spend £150 or less on groceries. Achieved. Again, only just! The reason our spends were so low is because we have Hello Fresh boxes at the moment, which I’m not including in the grocery spend, as I have had enough credit to pay for the boxes. *Why not get £20 off your first Hello Fresh box?!

Add £50 to my round-up pot. Achieved. Again, only just! A month of barely scraping by by the looks of it but that is fine with me! Progress is progress.

Online aims for May 2020 – the results

Join an ad network. Achieved. I’m so pleased about this!

Hit 8k on Instagram! Achieved. And then some! If you’re not following me why not check out my Instagram?

Update 15 posts. Achieved. Yay!

Complete 10 random acts of kindness. Achieved. I won’t share all the details, as I’m not doing it to brag, just to feel happy and spread a little kindness to others.

Write 3 new recipe posts. Achieved. See above!

Personal aims for May 2020 – the results

Walk an average of 7,000 steps per day. Achieved. Only just – I had to push myself a little at the end of the month as I had quite a big pain flare near the beginning of the month.

Read 2 books. Failed. I just didn’t prioritise this enough in May.

Sort our November holiday activities. Failed. It turns out they aren’t on sale yet – because of Covid-19, so I’ve got to roll this over for a month or two I think!

There you have it – my May 2020 aims results! It has gone well, mostly because I set myself some small, achievable goals. I’m feeling proud with how well our home is running, that my work is starting to pick back up, and that we have had lots of family time together too. I hope you’re keeping safe and well, and managing the best you can.

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Becky Freeman

Sunday 31st of May 2020

I love these goal kind of posts Katy- I might write one myself for June as now I'm getting into the swing of lockdown life (finally!) it might help give me some more structure work/exercise-wise. Well done on achieving most of your goals!


Monday 1st of June 2020

Sounds great - I hope it works well for you! x

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