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Aims for May 2020 – Find out what I want to achieve this month

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Another month has flown by. I tried to make some small, manageable aims this month. April has been a hard month in so many ways, the same as for everyone. We’ve actually had a couple of small jobs done at home, including the rest of our fence, which means we’re able to stay safe at home and enjoy our surroundings.

Aims for May 2020

Home aims for May 2020

Meal plan all month. This helps us to stay on track with a couple of our other aims and saves us money too, especially lately!

Try 2 new recipes. This is outside of my Hello Fresh new recipes I’ll be trialling.

Use my *breadmaker at least 2 times for new recipes. I want to make some cinnamon rolls I think! I also made the dough for these soft floury white rolls.

Use my *pressure cooker for 3 hot lunches, soups etc. I’m branching out more and want to use the great *pressure cooker cookbooks that my friend got me as a moving in present more.

Complete TeamTomm each day in May. This definitely helps to keep my home mostly clean, tidy and organised. It is never going to be perfect but I have a 4-year-old!

Financial aims for May 2020

Make money matched betting. £150+ ideally. I’ve adjusted this down as £200 was a bit of a push last month and I’m trying to keep things realistic at the moment!

Add £100 of Amazon vouchers to my account. I’m going to use these for random acts of kindness, which will be another aim of mine this month.

Make £50 from Prolific. I have fallen out of the habit of checking lots lately but I’m going t make some more effort to open it the I’m online.

Spend £150 or less on groceries. We have Hello Fresh boxes comes this month. I think this is a realistic budget for a few dinners a week and breakfast/lunch when at home every day. (*Grab £46 off your first 3 boxes)

Add £50 to my round-up pot. Each month I just use this to top up my savings, as I’m not able to save much from my usual sources as work is quiet at the moment. Every little helps!

Online aims for May 2020

Join an ad network. Now is the time to start monetising my website in more ways, and to keep diversifying my income.

Hit 8k on Instagram! If you’re not following me why not check out my Instagram?

Update 15 posts. I’m working on SEO at the moment and making a lot of changes to old content. It’s going well, but slow as I don’t have a lot of free time at the moment.

Complete 10 random acts of kindness. I’m going to be hunting down Amazon wish lists to end little gifts from. I really am enjoying this so far, and trying to gift a mix of organisation items, treats and useful objects.

Write 3 new recipe posts. I have lots of photographs already edited and ready to go, as well as lots of notes for ingredients and methods. I’ve been practicing some of the recipes for weeks and weeks ready and just need to motivate myself to get them written up!

Personal aims for May 2020

Walk an average of 7,000 steps per day. I’ve been increasing gradually and want to maintain my good work this month. I’m feeling good, mostly, although I had a few achy days towards the end of the month too.

Read 2 books. Hopefully hey!

Sort our November holiday activities. Ever the optimist that all will be well and we will be going on holiday! I might even change to a hot tub lodge, but that will have to wait until later in the year when I see how work is going.

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Find out what I want to achieve with my Aims for May 2020. I'm sharing my personal, online, financial and home based aims for May 2020. #LifeOrganisation #HomeOrganisation #MonthlyAims #MonthlyGoals

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Tuesday 5th of May 2020

Hi Katy, interested to see that you're managing to continue matched betting when there is so little sport on - I haven't done any since lockdown! Where can we still find offers to complete?


Wednesday 6th of May 2020

Hi. There are still offers around - they are just reload/casino based rather than the sportsbook. It's MUCH quieter atm, and for maybe the first time ever I failed to hit my own earnings goal that I set for myself last month (I mentioned that here recently if you fancy a nosy: I've set myself a smaller goal for this month but also not sure I'll hit that, just to be honest! I'll update at the end of the month as I always do of course.

Because almost all sports events are cancelled (some virtual/e-sports events still) I expect earnings will be down for a while yet, and they are with the couple of friends I've asked. I've seen some people still claiming big numbers from matched betting, but I don't see how!

For example, I would usually expect to comfortably make £300-£400 a month from completing offers, reloads, free spins etc and last month I made under £200, despite giving it a little more effort than usual looking for offers.

Hope this helps but if not feel free to comment again or you can message me on Instagram @Katykicker for a quicker reply.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.