Aims for November 2019 – Find out what I want to achieve this month (AD)

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Happy November! One of my favourite months of the year is finally here. This month Thomas and I celebrate our anniversary, 12 whole years together – wow! We are off on a nice family holiday, like every November, and I’m really looking forward to it now. I love the colder weather and this is definitely my favourite time of year. It isn’t too cold, just cold enough to need an extra layer and a hat, and snow isn’t yet ruining life for everyone in the UK! Here are my Aims for November 2019.

Aims for November 2019

Home aims for November 2019

Meal plan all month. I love sharing my weekly meal plans and they are great for saving money, being organised and eating well.

Keep up with my cleaning routine.

Re-organise my pantry and de-clutter some electrical items I don’t use frequently enough.

Organise our hall cupboard. I think we need some more storage hooks on the wall and inside the old coal storage. This will make it easier to get to everything and keep us organised too during the Winter months when we need hats, scarves, gloves & umbrellas much more.

Have internal doors fitted upstairs. We need 4 doors, and we have the funds available. I just need to book a day and get it done really!

Make a start on the garden work. We need to start by trimming everything back, including the grass, and having a gardener come to remove the ivy from the back of our house.

Try 3 new recipes. I’ve got a new *Crockpot multi-cooker (that I am loving!) and I want to try more pressure cooker recipes. These are ideal for cooking dinner in a hurry and having something flavoursome too.

Financial aims for November 2019

Save £500 towards new garden fencing. I’m going to be using some of my tried and tested ways to make and save money. I will be batch cooking, meal planning, completing paid surveys, focus groups, doing a few mystery shops, matched betting and much more. I’m really excited as I love a big challenge.

Spend no more than £250 on groceries. Not including our holiday week. This should be really achievable, even with stocking up on a few items towards the festive period.

Add £100 to my Amazon account and don’t spend it. This will be ideal for presents for Christmas time.

Earn £50 on I love this survey site, it is one of my favourites, and I want to make at least £50. I’ll be leaving the window open when I am online working, to try and grab a few surveys. I think having this goal will keep me focused and the money can go towards my fencing goal.

Keep up with the matched betting. I will be aiming to save 25% of what I make towards my fencing goal and the rest will be topping up the day to day life budget.

Online aims for November 2019

Boost internal links by 250.

Create 10 new posts, including 3 recipes.

Create pinnable images for my most popular posts. This goal is carried over from October.

Publish my Christmas gift guides. I’ve had some absolutely wonderful items that I am really excited to share with you! Once I’ve published my gift guides I will push forward with donating most of the items to help others at what is often a bleak time of year for family finances.

Personal aims for November 2019

Exercise 3 times a week. I don’t mean walking places, as I already do that, but actual heart racing, fat-burning exercise. It has been months as I’ve had a couple of flare-ups and I really want to ease myself back into it.

Take a whole week off for our family holiday. I’ll still visit my social media, and sharing Instastories on my Instagram as I love seeing what everyone is up to, but I will be enjoying a week off of creating content, negotiating with brands, scheduling and everything else that comes along with this lovely job of mine.

Plan a trip. I’m not sure whether it’ll be for the 3 of us, or just Thomas & I, but I want to plan a trip for the first months of next year. I’ve been RUBBISH with us having time for ourselves this year, so I want to do better. I’ve recently helped a friend to claim the child tax credit and so hopefully we can have a trip away too!

Take a look at our 2019 bucket list. I’ll be honest and say we’ve really failed with this. Probably because I took my foot off the pedal months ago. I’d like to get a few things organised in November & December, to redeem some of my good intentions from this bucket list.

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Find out what I want to achieve with my Aims for November 2019. I'm sharing my personal, online, financial and home based aims for November 2019

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