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Aims for November 2019 – the results

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Hello! The end of November already?! Wow! Where did the time go? I can hardly believe that November is over already and it is nearly time to prepare for Christmas. Here it is my aims for November 2019 – the results!

Aims for November 2019 - the results

Aims for November 2019 – the results

Home aims for November 2019 – the results

Meal plan all month. Achieved. I love meal planning – even more so now I’ve got a new *smaller air-fryer and a *multi-cooker.

Keep up with my cleaning routine. Failed. It just isn’t working in the new house. I’m spending some time on the weekends cleaning instead, to keep it nice.

Re-organise my pantry and de-clutter some electrical items I don’t use frequently enough. Achieved. My MIL was very pleased to receive my *triple slow cooker and my *old airfryer! I’ve downsized my gadgets and saved some space too.

Organise our hall cupboard. Achieved. We had so much stuff dumped in there that it was surprisingly easy once that was sorted.

Have internal doors fitted upstairs. Achieved. Sort of. We’ve got a date, and ordered the doors and fittings. It is a VERY busy time of year sadly so we’ve got to wait BUT I’m happy with this to get what we are happy with.

Make a start on the garden work. Achieved. We’ve had the ivy removed from the back, lots of trimming and we’ve made a start on getting organised. We have a garden bench now and we have a *storage box to keep our tools and lawnmower in, once we buy one.

Try 3 new recipes. Achieved. I’ll be writing them up soon!

Financial aims for November 2019 – the results

Save £500 towards new garden fencing. Achieved. We’ve been let down so are going to stick a pin in this until early January I think!

Spend no more than £250 on groceries. Achieved. Only just! A trip to Lidl, and using up what we had in, helped to keep costs fairly low.

Add £100 to my Amazon account and don’t spend it. Achieved. I’ll be using this towards a few house items, such as a new duvet, and some Christmas gifts for Tom.

Earn £50 on Achieved. I’ve earned over £60, even with a week off for our family holiday. Also, I’ve only remembered to have the studies open a couple of days a week, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised with hitting this goal!

Keep up with the matched betting. Achieved. I haven’t made a lot this month, less than I have from paid surveys actually, but it all adds up!

Online aims for November 2019 – the results

Boost internal links by 250. Achieved. 

Create 10 new posts, including 3 recipes. Achieved. I’ll be sharing these in December & January.

Create pinnable images for my most popular posts. Achieved. I’ve managed to boost my Pinterest slightly which is great.

Publish my Christmas gift guides. Achieved. 

Personal aims for November 2019 – the results

Exercise 3 times a week. Failed. Lots of family walks have been had, and lots of trips to the shops etc, but I’ve been slack on the proper exercise.

Take a whole week off for our family holiday. Achieved. It was lovely!

Plan a trip. Achieved. We’ve just come back actually – it was great to see friends get married!

Take a look at our 2019 bucket list. Failed. I think I may not even make a bucket list next year, as we just seem to be really busy!

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