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Aims for November 2020 – the results

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Hello! I hope November has been a good month for you. I’m sure that most of us are glad that it is almost over. Christmas is incoming, ‘2nd lockdown’ is about to end and I’m just looking forward to hopefully some normality coming through in Springtime. In the meantime I’m trying to enjoy my time at home as much as possible, and I hope that you’re doing well.

A notebook and pen with text overlay that says Aims for November 2020 - the results

Aims for November 2020 – the results

Home aims for November 2020 – the results

Meal plan all month. Achieved. It has been another good month. We had a one Hello Fresh box, which was a bit of a disaster as one of the meals was completely missing, and a Gousto box, which had some smashed up vegetables in it, to mix it up which has been nice and kept us on track mostly! It is always nice to have some different meals to be honest, as life can feel a bit samey this year that’s for sure!

Try 3 new recipes from cookbooks. Achieved. I got a few from the library at the start of the November so that’s been a nice change – mostly Christmas themed!

Try 2 new slow cooker recipes. Slow cooker beef enchilada mix was one I’d tried before, but not for a long time, so I unearthed that and tested it a couple of times. SO nice and such a simple way to jazz up some mince if you’re meal planning with mince.

Chicken Tikka breasts on a plate

Use my *pressure cooker for 3 hot lunches, soups etc. Achieved. We’ve mostly had pasta dishes, but we also had one night where the lid just WOULD NOT open, no idea why! There wasn’t a build up of pressure and when Tom finally took it in the garden and bust the lid open it turned out it was just stuck! Very odd! Hopefully it won’t happen again as it made me feel a tiny bit nervous to be honest.

Complete TeamTomm each day in November. Achieved. Ish. What I mean is that all of the days got completed, but sometimes 2-3 days were completed together. So I sort of failed, as I didn’t do it every single day, but I DID get it done in the end, which was the point of this aim! I’m happy whatever way it happened anyway as home feels fresh and tidy.

Build Daisy’s wardrobe area. Achieved. You can actually see it on my Instagram if you fancy a nosy.

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Financial aims for November 2020 – the results

Achieve at least 2 hours matched betting each week. Achieved. I’m back into a good rhythm with this now, although I’m looking forward to 2021 when I feel there will be better offers!

Add £150 of Amazon vouchers to my account. Achieved. Promptly spent on a mixture of Christmas gifts and new baby items! I’ve also made a new baby wishlist which I’m excited to make a dent on each month now until the Spring when our 2nd baby is due.

A cooked beef hotpot with text overlay that says simple beef hotpot

Spend £300 or less on groceries. Achieved. £22.84 to spare this month thanks to a mixture of Hello Fresh and Gousto credits (from signing up new customers), shopping at Tesco, eating out of the pantry and freezer and coupons Tesco sent me. Feeling very pleased with this as we’ve eaten some VERY expensive meals this month (fillet steak being one!) and I’ve also purchased some Christmas alcohol too.

Complete all Christmas shopping within the money from my budget pot. Achieved. Smashed this! The money left is going to be split partly into my new baby fund and partly into my frivolous funds pot, which has been looking a little thin since the pandemic.

Online aims for November 2020 – the results

Update 25 old posts and re-share. Achieved. Have enjoyed that this month to be honest!

Complete 5 random acts of kindness. Achieved. I found a couple of Go Fund Mes on Instagram and TikTok, which made this really easy this month.

Film 2 YouTube videos. Achieved. Just need to put voiceovers on them and then upload in December.

Hit 9,000 followers on Instagram. Failed. Well, I’m writing this one day in advance, but I’m still a few away! VERY close though and this aim has encouraged me to post more on Instastories and my grid too, so it’s not been a completely lost cause!

Personal aims for November 2020 – the results

Read 3 books. Achieved. I’ve also been using Readly again, for great magazines including food ones and lifestyle type ones and I have been really enjoying it. *Grab yourself a free trial now!

Step by step photos of the Easy slow cooker chicken casserole recipe - in your slow cooker in just minutes and cooking all day. Come home to a delicious dinner!

Exercise 3 times a week. Achieved. Feeling stronger than I did the last couple of months, which is great.

Take all vitamins and medications every single day. Achieved. On the days I’ve been extra sick I’ve made a conscious effort to have some dry snacks to allow me to achieve this. I’m also taking *Pregnacare to try and ensure that my body stays strong!

Take time to relax at the end of each day. Achieved. Thomas and I have been enjoying I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and I’ve been watching old Masterchef: The Professionals and also reading more and playing Xbox with friends and family sometimes in the evening which has been nice when Tom is on night shifts.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading the results for my aims for November 2020! I’ve had a good month, overall, despite considerable sickness (hyperemesis!) and I’m really proud of what I’ve managed to achieve still.

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