Aims for October 2016

So another month is upon us! I have a new month. It is great to sit down and work on my aims for the month and see what I am hoping to achieve for the month ahead.

At the moment a lot of my thoughts are turning towards Christmas. There is still LOTS of time to save money for Christmas and not have to worry about getting into debt and I’m slowly working on getting some Christmas presents sorted for friends and family now too.

Anyway, here we go – here are my Aims for October 2016

Aims for October 2016

Home / Family – aims for October 2016

Meal plan. I’ve placed a large delivery shop thanks to a gift voucher and I’ve got £100 of gift cards ready for a grocery challenge in October. I’ve got lots of store cupboard goodies thanks to Approved Food and I am going to work on planning at least 28 dinners for the month ahead.

Make 3 recipes using my new stand mixer. I’ve recently received a stand mixer from the lovely Savisto and I want to work on using it with 3 recipes, to bake a few goodies for the month ahead and fill up our lunch boxes a little easier.

Complete a £100 grocery challenge. I want to ensure that I run my store cupboard and freezers down a little before the Christmas food shop begins. I’ve got £100 of discounted Sainsburys gift cards and I am going to aim to get all my groceries using this. I already have lots of meat and cupboard items but we will need nappies and essential items for Daisy, which I am going to buy out of the £100 also.

Health / Medical – aims for October 2016

Lose 4lbs. I’m going to be aiming to eat healthy throughout the month, and exercise, and hope to be able to lose 1lb per week.

Complete 10 workouts. I’ve been working out for around 25-30 minutes at a time, and I hope to complete these workouts 10 times in October. This is on top of walking 10,000+ steps to visit friends and relatives, visit our allotment or run errands. I’ve really been enjoying exercising more lately and Daisy loves to get out in the fresh air everyday so this is a fantastic incentive for me too.

Force my husband to the doctors. Tom has a problem with his foot, or maybe his feet I can’t remember, and I want to force him to the doctors. He is a NIGHTMARE and hasn’t been to the doctors in years, since he needed an urgent operation, so I’m going to just book the appointment when he is definitely off work and then push him to go.

Online / Financial – aims for October 2016

Make £500 from matched betting. This is the same aim that I have been going for every month for a few months now. It is quite an achievable aim but sometimes I have to push myself to look for bets, on quiet days, but having a goal in mind, and being accountable, pushes me to achieve more. I actually made £15,000 in just 4 months from matched betting and have been really pleased with myself!

Make £300 from eBay. I’m going to make this aim easy this month. I am going to go for £300 of sales total, this is before eBay fees, Paypal fees and postage but should see me earn about £150-£200 still. I’m going to be just using the money for a trip to the zoo, to add a small amount to Daisy’s savings and day to day spends on nice activities.

Write 15 blog posts. At the time of writing this I’ve got at least 15 blog posts that I need to write. This includes collaborative content, product reviews and a great competition for parents. I’m quite motivated at the moment, now I’ve just returned from a relaxing holiday, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and getting that blog schedule filled up! I’m so grateful for the opportunities that blogging affords me and my family, even if sometimes I have to work a little more than I would like!

Do you have any aims for October 2016? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Aimee October 5, 2016 / 3:32 pm

    Great aims for October! Good luck, and enjoy the new month 🙂 x

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