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Aims for October 2020 – Find out what I want to achieve this month

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Hello! Happy October! Another month has whizzed by and I can’t believe it but my little Daisy goes to school now! We had to have some time off the second week, while awaiting Covid-19 test results, but apart from that Daisy has been in every day, and seems to be doing really well so far! I’m really grateful that we got her into our first choice school and I feel happy with how she is settling in. Here are my aims for October 2020.

A notebook and pen with text overlay that says aims for October 2020

Home aims for October 2020

Meal plan all month. I’ll be using my mealtime inspiration post to remind me of some of our favourite dinners. Also, I’ve updated my meal planning tips recently if you need some inspiration!

Spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, burger and beef keema curry - easy beef mince recipes

Try 3 new recipes from cookbooks. I’ve got a stack of lovely cookbooks and want to use them more!

Try 2 new slow cooker recipes. It is the perfect time of year for slow cooker recipes isn’t it!

Complete TeamTomm each day in October. We love this cleaning system. Some days I swap around, but we always complete something each day and it keeps our home clean and tidy for sure.

Build our built in wardrobe area. I’m really excited for this – just two weeks until all the boxes arrive!

Financial aims for October 2020

Achieve at least 2 hours matched betting each week. I’m not going to set a financial goal this month, because I have had less time for this lately. This is going to be really helpful for treating some people at Christmas time!

Horses racing and a text overlay that says the pros and cons of matched betting, find out more about the good and bad sides of matched betting

Add £150 of Amazon vouchers to my account. I’ll be spending it on Christmas items no doubt, and perhaps a few treats for myself. I’ll be using some websites to help with this such as InstaGCMingle surveys, LifePoints (MySurvey & GlobalTestMarket have merged), Pinecone Research and I’m sure a few of my other favourite ways to make and save money online.

Spend £300 or less on groceries. I have been doing well recently and want to keep up the momentum!

Chopped carrots on a chopping board with a text overlay that says 8 ways to save money on fruit & vegetables

Online aims for October 2020

Update 25 old posts and re-share. This is GREAT for SEO and I’ve got some posts from 2016 that are now performing better on Google with just a few small changes and 30 minutes of my time! It is a great way to get some extra traffic and make some extra money.

Finish Christmas related work and post updates. I’m really enjoying this but want it done before the Christmas ad work starts up!

Complete 5 random acts of kindness. I love bringing a little joy to my day with this, and it is partly for that reason, but also I feel grateful that I can bless a few other people each month too.

Personal aims for October 2020

Read 3 books. I’ve been using the Library lots this year, and loving it!

Exercise 3 times a week. I have slipped out of the habit since being pregnant, as I’m more tired and sick, but I know this helps me mentally and is good to keep my body strong ready for growing a healthy baby.

Take all vitamins and medications every single day. I’ve been finding this harder the more sick I feel but I know if I make a conscious effort I can achieve this!

Take time to relax at the end of each day. I’m terrible for working ‘a little’ in the evenings, especially now I’m not working in the afternoon once Daisy gets home from school, so I really want to make a better effort for myself. I took the evening off last night and it was lovely. I just ignored my phone, and emails, and really felt rested AND slept well too!

Daisy asleep in her cot with text overlay that says 9 things to do during nap-time

There you have it! My aims aren’t huge this month but I’m looking forward to another good month.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.